Why You Should Buy Your Cannabis From Hurcann

Why You Should Buy Your Cannabis From Hurcann The cannabis business is a very lucrative business you can venture into to make maximum profits. The business has been legalized in many countries of the world. You’ll also find many people looking for the products for various reasons. If you’re looking to start a cannabis business […]

What Are Cannabis-Derived Terpenes?

What Are Cannabis-Derived Terpenes? Cannabis bud and leaf with hoppy, pepper, lemons Table of Contents Introduction In addition to familiar cannabis words such as cannabinoid, Sativa, and Indica, you may have lately come across terpenes. This is another chemical discovered in cannabis. But what exactly are terpenes? How crucial is it to understand the different […]

How To Tell If Your Cannabis Is Feminized

How To Tell If Your Cannabis Is Feminized Knowing the sex of cannabis is very important. There is a difference between female and male cannabis. The features found in female cannabis differ from the features you can see in male cannabis, this is why you must ascertain the sex of your cannabis.    The physical […]

How Strong is HHC?

How Strong is HHC? Cannabis leaves in an indoor cannabis farm Introduction If you haven’t had a chance to read our prior posts on HHC, we’ll give you a brief recap here. HHC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the product of hydrogenating Delta-9 THC. THC may be converted into a whole new molecule by adding hydrogen molecules […]

The generational divide in cannabis: a controversy

The generational divide in cannabis: a controversy Hurcann Introduction Weed is now legal in almost every other state in the U.S. Yet somehow, we are still struggling with an ideological gap between generations on the subject. This gap is closing, though, and the cannabis industry is rapidly growing. It is actually one of the fastest […]

Are Pre-Rolls Worth It?

Are Pre-Rolls Worth It? Cannabis Pre-rolls Introduction While many cannabis products have entered the market recently, smoking remains one of the most common means of consumption. Pre-rolled joints are a newer product that offers cannabis consumers a more convenient option. While they are quicker and simpler, pre-made joints have a bad reputation for being of […]

Where to go in Miami after getting high (Part 2)

Where to go in Miami after getting high (Part 2) Introduction When it comes to enjoying a little recreational weed, it can be easy to get stuck in a couch potato rut. So, if you’re tired of the Netflix catalog and you’re looking for something new and fun to do, this article is for you! […]

LGBTQA and Cannabis

LGBTQA and Cannabis Introduction LGBTQA and cannabis usage have an important relationship in our century that should not be underemphasized. Marie was denied a job by an employer last summer, not because she wasn’t fit for the job but because the employer perhaps thought her sexual Orientation as asexual might be in line with her […]

Immigrant Use Of Cannabis

Immigrant Use Of Cannabis Introduction Immigrant use of cannabis is something every travel enthusiast should be aware of. Living in the United States for Gabrielle is likely impossible, due to restrictions on immigrants who have possessed, used, sold, grown, or worked in a Cannabis dispensary. She had worked on a Cannabis farm, and this had […]

How to Tell if Cannabis Seeds are Feminized

How to Tell if Cannabis Seeds are Feminized Introduction Every cannabis grower should know how to tell if cannabis seeds are feminized or not. The gender of your cannabis seed will determine how fruitful your cannabis plant will be during harvest. This article is especially for cannabis growers who need to make the best of […]