What is The Difference Between CBD and Delta-8?

Difference Between CBD and Delta-8

It’s no secret that cannabis is becoming more mainstream every day. With new laws passed, medicinal and recreational users are finding more options than ever. But what about the different types of cannabis? What’s the difference between CBD and Delta-8 THC? And which one is better for you? Read on to find out! The health […]


While many cannabis products have entered the market recently, smoking remains one of the most common means of consumption. Pre-rolled joints are a newer product that offers cannabis consumers a more convenient option. While they are quicker and simpler, pre-made joints have a bad reputation for being of low quality. The fact is that they […]

Top 7 CBD – HHC – THC Pre-Rolls that we recommend from our catalog

Hurcann Shop Pre-Rolls are for everyone! Our products offer a wide range of variety, both for occasional and regular smokers. Find out here about the Top 7 CBD – HHC – THC Pre-Rolls that we recommend from our catalog | Hurcann Shop. They are ideal for all people – weather you are just starting out […]

How much do you know about D8 – THC? Discover these provocative Pre-Rolls Delta-8

Do you know what the Hurcann Delta-8 Pre-Rolls are? Delta – 8 THC is a popular and affordable consumable Cannabis product. Its rise, giving way to the inclusion of numerous stores both physical and online. We present our line of Pre-Rolls Delta-8 by Hurcann for recreational consumption. What you will see next: How much do […]

Get the best Delta-8 THC in Miami

Miami is really a unique city, there are many places that could keep you happy and with a lot of entertainment in a good way. Explore and enjoy having a strong emotion and connection with what you want most right now! Try Delta-8 THC in Miami Beach. Nowadays, the quantity and variety of this products […]

6 Misconceptions about CBD (in Miami)

CBD is still a big unknown for many people, especially in areas like Miami, Florida where the Cannabis industry is undeveloped. It’s new and exciting, so there’s a lot of buzz around it. People cautiously bring it up around friends and family in fear of judgment. “CBD” is still a trigger word or a code […]