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Florida, the third most populous state in the US, is also known as the Sunshine state. While Florida is known for its beaches, sunshine, hustle, and bustle, Florida is also one of the states in the United States of America to where you will see  Delta-8 varieties in different smoke shops.

Here in this article, you will learn what Florida law says about Delta-8, its legislative history, and what the Florida government says about the buying, selling, and moving in and out of the state with Delta-8. Cannabis is only legalized for medical purposes while Delta-8 is legalized in Florida, both for recreational and medical purposes. Because of this, there are several smoke and vape shops in Florida today; you are free to walk in and make your orders.


Delta-8 is one of the most loved compounds in the delta family and is in high demand. Delta-8 is a favorite of very many because of the feeling it produces in the user. Although it is not as strong as delta-9, it produces a controllable and relaxing experience for the user. It offers relaxation without the popular side effects such as anxiety and paranoia from delta-9 THC. A large number of people were able to use Delta-8 THC and remain productive. It is a great choice for wake n’ bakes.

Compared to delta-10, experts say Delta-8 is the “Indica” to delta-10’s “Sativa”. Delta-8 is also suited for evenings when you want to relax by lighting a joint after the day’s work. It helps improve sleep and maintain concentration. Medically, it helps with insomnia, inflammation, and metabolism.

While recreational cannabis has not been legalized in Florida, Delta-8 is legal in Florida. This is because the farm law passed in 2018 states that any hemp plant parts or derivative with less than 0.3% delta-9 THC is legal, and hemp-derived Delta-8 falls under such category; therefore, its consumption is legal.


In 2018, a farm bill was passed by the United States of America. It stated that any part of the hemp plant is legal, including all derivatives, extracts, and cannabinoids that contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC by weight. Therefore, for a cannabis product to be legal in Florida, it has to contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC by weight.

Delta-8, derived from the hemp plant, contains less than 0.3% dry weight of delta-9 and is, therefore, legal in Florida. This also means that delta-9 THC is stronger than Delta-8 THC, which is evident in the feeling they produce. That Delta-8 THC of less than 0.3% has been legalized at the federal level does not mean it has been legalized in every state but Florida has taken her stand with the federal ruling and at the moment, it is legal to use, possess, sell, distribute, and produce Delta-8 THC and its products.

Delta-9 THC is the basic active compound obtained from marijuana and is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance at the federal level. While the medical use of cannabis has been legalized in Florida, its recreational use has not as is likely to be abused recreationally.

Since products with more than 0.3% delta-9 THC are illegal at the national level, their use is limited to only states that have legalized it. You cannot bring it into a country that has not; you will be trespassing on the law. For states where cannabis has been legalized, the conditions for its use have also been legalized. The list of diseases medical practitioners can use cannabis for has been stated for medical purposes. Such conditions include chronic pain, hepatitis C, severe nausea, multiple sclerosis, cancer, Crohn’s disease, and glaucoma, among many others. Since Delta-8 THC derived from the hemp plant falls under the 2018 farm bill passed by the United States, therefore, hemp-derived Delta-8 products with less than 0.3% delta-9 THC are legal in Florida. Its medicinal use, recreational use, sale, production, purchase, and selling are all legal in the sunshine state.


The fight for legislation on cannabis did not just start; it has been ongoing for a long time. Since marijuana was classified as a Schedule l substance by the Controlled Substances Act in 1970, cannabis has been illegal in Florida and the United States. The restriction covered medical and recreational uses; as such, the outcry came firstly from the health sector upon discovering the importance of cannabis to patients, especially cancer patients suffering from great pain. The journey to the legalization of medical use of cannabis Florida enjoys today was a long one, but it was worth it.

Before 2014, cannabis was illegal in Florida, whatever strain it was. The Florida Legislature passed the Compassionate Use Act in 2014, and it was the first legal, medical cannabis program in the state’s history. This compassionate Use Act was indeed compassionate as it permitted low THC cannabis and high cannabidiol (CBD) cannabis oil from a strain known as the charlotte’s web strain to be dispensed to patients suffering from ailments. Patients with such ailments as epilepsy, cancer, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) were the ones who qualified for this bill that was passed in 2014. This was to ease their pains and it is to be prescribed by medical practitioners.

Again in 2016, the Right to Try act came into the picture. This law allowed people suffering from a terminal disease to take full potency cannabis. The purpose of this is also to help them ease their pain and suffering. That same year, another law known as the Florida Medical Marijuana Legislative was passed through a citizen referendum, with 71.3% of the people voting it in. Low THC medical cannabis was then added to the list of approved medicines. With this, there was a significant improvement in the legalization of cannabis in Florida.

Later in 2017, on June 9th, the Florida House of Senate and House of Representatives passed the legislation to implement the expansion program, replacing the compassionate Use act.

After the legalization of the medical use of marijuana in the state, there were movements to legalize the smoking of dried cannabis flowers by patients. It was legalized in 2018 by a judge in Leon County Circuit Court. Hence medical marijuana cards were issued to such patients to allow them to purchase dried cannabis flowers. Such a patient must be a resident of Florida and have one of the following diseases; cancer, Parkinson’s disease, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, or other chronic health condition. The card must be approved by a doctor, also.

Regarding the farm bill law passed in 2018, hemp Delta-8 THC has been legalized in Florida, but the recreational use of marijuana has not. If an individual is found with marijuana for recreational purpose, it is considered a felony. Only the medical use of marijuana has been approved and to have access to it, you have to register as a medical cannabis user with your doctor’s approval and with a fee. Today, however, you will see many smoke shops in Florida operating freely. This is because the production, sale, and purchase of Delta-8 THC and its products  have all been made legal.

Doctor Holding Cannabis


Delta-8 has been modified over time, and many products have been manufactured. There are Delta-8 gums, cookies, vapes, lollipops, and flowers, among several others. There are several smoke shops in Florida and online selling these products, but to buy Delta-8 products in Florida, you must be at least 18 years old.

Buying Delta-8 online is one of the easiest ways to get it delivered swiftly to your doorstep. However, there are some things to watch out for before purchasing marijuana in Florida, and some of them are

Lab testing

As a fast-growing industry, there are possibilities of Delta-8 products being adulterated before selling to the public. A Delta-8 company is meant to undergo lab testing so that its purity might be affirmed. The amount of Delta-8 on the label must be the one in the products. Some companies try to cut corners and skip lab testing. Most companies selling these products upload their lab test results online, while some don’t, but if you request it, they will send it to you.

Request for a company’s test results before giving up on such.

Buyer’s satisfaction and reviews

One crucial thing to look out for before buying Delta-8 products from a store, whether online or physical, is their buyer’s satisfaction and reviews. Most physical stores in Florida have online stores; by checking their site, you can go through their reviews to find out what  previous customers have to say about them.

Customer service

Customer service is also something to watch out for when looking for where to purchase Delta-8 products in Florida. A shop with good customer service will recommend products best suited for you and guide you through buying the right products, even when you are clueless about what to buy. They give a customer a seamless experience shopping in their place.

You can also learn about a shop’s customer service by reviewing their online page reviews.

These are the major factors to watch out for when purchasing Delta-8 and its products in Florida. If you will get high, get high on some quality Delta-8. That way, the experience will be worth it.


This is a question mostly asked concerning Delta-8 laws in Florida. Can I travel to Florida with Delta-8? Can I travel out of Florida with Delta-8? These are some of the questions arising in people’s minds, whether you are traveling out on vacation or you want to take your favorite strain wherever you go, and we will be answering them in this session.

When you are flying, two different locations are involved. Delta-8 is legalized in Florida, but you have to check with the second location. If you are leaving a state in the US for another one, you can travel with it since the 2018 farm bill covers the whole country. Also, the product you are transporting has to abide by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) laws.

If you travel from the United States to another country, most countries have not legalized hemp-derived Delta-8 and may have strict laws. Therefore, do your due diligence before traveling out of the United States with Delta-8 products.

However, you may ask, what of medical cannabis? Are you allowed to travel with it?

Suppose you are going inside a country where cannabis is not legalized. In that case, it is advisable not to travel with the cannabis but to get to your destination before purchasing it over there once you have your card, doctor’s report, and prescription.


Getting to this point where Delta-8 is legal in Florida is commendable. Laws governing hemp products are constantly changing. What are we to expect concerning Delta-8 and even the legalization of cannabis in Florida from henceforth?

Last year, lawmakers in Florida brought a bill to the table that would affect the sale of hemp products, this includes Delta-8 THC, by raising the age limit for the purchase from 18 to 21 and having businesses selling such register with the state. Still, that bill never saw the light of day.

With the laws surrounding Delta-8 and CBD products ever changing, businesses producing and selling such products are worried, and even the consumers are not left out. However, the legalization was made after much consideration and will not be reversed anytime soon. The future of Delta-8 in the sunshine city is not bleak. Apart from other factors, the cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing in the United States and, as such, is contributing to the economic sector of the country. As the demand for Delta-8 is growing, there is an increase in the demand for workers in the field, and with people entering the sector, it has also reduced the unemployment rate in the country.


There are many strains of Delta-8 you would like to try and experience. Delta-8 will always be a favorite of many because of its relaxing and productive effect without delta-9 side effects. Luckily, it has been legalized in Florida, from the Delta-8 Sativa strains to the Delta-8 Indica and the hybrid.

Falling under the farm bill passed in 2018, you can even produce your desired strains in your home. Delta-8 THC is not going anywhere soon; it is here to stay in the sunshine city of Florida.