Father’s Day 2022 Gifts for a Stoner Dad (Part 1)


Father’s Day is right around the corner! And we know it can sometimes become a struggle to find the perfect gift for Dad. He did give you the gift of life after all.

Well, if you have a cool dad that enjoys the occasional joint, then this gift list is for you. We have scoured the internet and looked at what cannabis connoisseurs are dying to get their hands on to make the ultimate gift guide for stoner dads.

We guarantee that your dad will enjoy anything you give him from our awesome collection. Who knows, he might even share.

Whether you have a $20 budget or want to get him a gift for the ages that drips in luxury, we have something for all wallet sizes. So, if you’re tight on money, we got you. If you´re looking for something mind-blowing, we also got you.

You can also take inspiration from this list for birthdays, Christmas, and any other gifting holiday. Believe us that your weed-friendly friends and family will be very happy campers with any of these amazing gifts.

So without further ado, here is the first part of the top 10 gift suggestions that we have selected as the best of the best.

Top 10 Gifts for your Stoner Dad

1. The classic: A pipe

There isn’t a single cannabis aficionado that doesn’t enjoy a good pipe from time to time. Aside from being very discreet, movable, and washable, pipe artistry has advanced to a whole new level in recent years.

Now, cannabis enthusiasts even collect artistic pipes and have them on display to flex with their stoner friends. It’s actually safe to say that if you can think of an object, there is probably a pipe in that shape.

Some do stand out to us though, so if you don’t know which pipe could be good enough, we have a few suggestions. From least to most expensive, we recommend you check out the following pipe designs that your dad is going to love.

Cob Pipe by The Green Cannabis Co. $28

Cob Pipe
Cob Pipe

This is one of our sillier suggestions. But hey, no one appreciates a silly joke like a dad. So we thought, why not?

The cob pipe also gives part of its sales to organizations trying to help the environment and the material that it’s made with is completely biodegradable. So, if your dad is all about being green, this is the way to go.

The key to a really good gift is showing the person that you’re giving the gift to that you listen to them. So, show your dad you know him by getting him this amazing, whimsical pipe.

Tanjun Pipe by Laundry Day $48

Tanjun Pipe
Tanjun Pipe

Let’s face it, this pipe is a piece of art. The Laundry Day collective let their creativity shine through their products and it shows.

These pipes are stained glass and made from recycled material, so like the rest of the contenders on our list, this product caters to our planet’s well-being.

If your dad is more of the fancy, pinky-up with tea kind of guy, then this pipe is going to rock his world. He might not even want to smoke out of it, but let him know that it’s actually very easy to clean.

If you don’t like this design, they have a ton more options that you might enjoy. We recommend you check them out.

Takoma Fern Arc Pipe by The Green Girls Co $50

The Fern Pipe
The Fern Pipe

This is another pipe that gives back. To be specific, 7% of The Green Girls Co.’s winnings goes to The Cannabis Innovation Fund and organizations that take care of our planet.

This pipe also has a really sleek design and is comfortable on the hands. If your dad is more on the artsy side, this might be the way to go.

The Ceramic Pipe by Miwak $85

The Ceramic Pipe By Miwak

These pipes take smoking to another level. Miwak Junior, an L,A. based artist, drew inspiration from Pre-Columbian cultures, Japanese minimalism, and the Space Age, to create these sculpture-like masterpieces.

It’s no wonder they are so eye-catching. Miwak is actually a sculpture artist. Not only that all of the artist’s pipes are made from a natural material that is curated and treated by the artist.

If your dad has that minimalist vibe going and can appreciate a well-crafted ceramic, this might be the way to go.

Glass Fruit Pipe by Eddie Parker $95

The Glass Fruit Pipe.
The Glass Fruit Pipe.

Last but not least, you have to check out the Fruit Glass pipe by Eddie Parker. We know that it’s on the pricier side, but look at that masterpiece. Simply stunning.

It’s elegant but whimsical all at the same time. And the best part of all is that the more you use it, the more it looks like a rotten fruit, once you clean it’s fresh fruit again.

If you do decide to get this pipe for your dad though, just tell him to be careful. One false move and he could smash $95 into a thousand tiny pieces.

2. An Over-the-Top Bong

We all know that a good bong can be the perfect instrument for a really great high. You know the kind of high that sends you to the couch. And there is no better way to get there than with a bong.

The bongs we have in our suggestions aren’t ordinary bongs though. These bongs are top of the line.

Laid back beaker tube by Gear Premium Sidekick $139

The laid back beaker tube.
The laid back beaker tube.

This bong isn’t only gorgeous but it also comes recommended by Sammeen Ahmad, High Times Magazine’s vice-president. He actually calls it “innovative, stunning and a masterpiece”.

Also, if your dad is like me and is constantly losing his lighter, he will really like this bong because it has a compartment for it. Let’s say they know their consumer really well.

The Mimi by Elevate Jane $179

Mimi bong.
Mimi bong.

The Mimi bong is one of the most eye-catching, elegant and minimalistic bongs we have ever seen. If you decide to give your dad this amazing water bong, he is sure to love it.

This bong is only one of the really beautiful smoke paraphernalia objects that Elevating Jane has created. If you’re curious to look for more options feel free to check them out.

3. An Electric Vaporizer

This is one of the most high tech gifts you can get your stoner dad. Vaporizers are really cool because they are a scent-free option for smoking.

They can be used on buds and concentrates and the smoke isn’t as dense as it would be if you were smoking on any other device. We know vaporizers are the more expensive side, but they last a really really long time.

We recommend you check out the PAX vaporizers or the ArGo by Arizer. If your dad was extra great this year, or you want to be the favorite, this might be the way to go.

4. Cannabis-Themed Gift Sets

We have a personal obsession with gift sets! I mean, how wouldn’t love multiple presents in one? That’s why a really great gift set is also a really great idea. And we have the best for all stoner dads out there.

Moon Rock, Hash Rock, Ice Cap Value Pack by Hurcann $40

Moon Rock, Hash Rock, Ice Cap Value Pack (1/8 oz)
Moon Rock, Hash Rock, Ice Cap Value Pack (1/8 oz)

This variety pack is sure to put your dad in a good mood. It includes 1/8 oz size of moon rocks, 1/8 oz of hash rocks, and 1/8 oz of ice caps. Any of these products are sure to make any strain just that much more delicious. This value pack is also available in the 1/4 oz size.

they smoke perfectly on their own or mixed in a joint, blunt, bong, hookah, or pipe. So you can compliment this gift with one of those objects and it will surely make for the best Father’s Day gift ever!

Happy bundle CBD wellness package by Happy Organics $110

CBD Wellness Bundle
CBD Wellness Bundle

This is the perfect gift for a newbie that’s curious about CBD. It includes salve, a hemp extract tincture, and honey. So if your dad also enjoys tea, this is the way to go.

The salve is low-dose, the honey is medium dose and works for muscular pain, and the tincture is high-dose and works for insomnia.

A Pot for Pot Home growing gift set $119

A pot for pot
A pot for pot

This home growing kit is perfect for those dads who love to garden. What better than learning how to grow the weed you smoke? It could actually save your dad a fortune!

This DIY bud growing kit includes a grow guide, seeds, a 5 gallon fabric pot, a pot drain saucer, soil, and a seed germination kit. The best of all is that you can grow it inside or outside.

You can also check out smaller versions of the kit, but we recommend this one

The Rogue Paq Mini Ritual Case by Emily Post $180

Rogue Paq
Rogue Paq

This package is one of our favorites. It’s really visually stunning, but also has a ton of great things for cannabis aficionados.

It’s not only really high quality material, but again the design is very chic. It includes a lighter, a stainless-steel clip and packing tool, matchbooks, two storage containers, premium rolling papers, trimming scissors, a labeling pencil, and a leather case to store everything in.

It is definitely one of the more fancy gifts we have in our selection. This gift set is only for those who like to smoke with elegance. If your dad is the whiskey drinking, jazz listening, newspaper reading kind of stoner he’s going to love this.

The Apothecarry Case by Aporthecarry $275

The Apothecarry Case
The Apothecarry Case

This is the bougiest of the gifts on our selection and would make any cannabis enthusiast cry of excitement! The Apothecarry Case is a one of a kind gift set. It is also odor resistant which makes it a great find!

Not only that but it also has top of the line tech integrated into it to help keep your strains fresh.

It includes 4 glass jars with humidity control lids and customizable labels, 8 humidity control packets, 4 dab containers with non-stick coatings, a travel container, elastic straps to hold pre-filled oil canisters upright, a removable rolling tray, a zinc alloy grinder with multiple compartments, and a nook for tools and papers.

It also has a vegan leather interior that was made with high density foam to keep the glassware safe. And the exterior is hand-stained to ensure it is a unique artwork.

This is one of the most impressive gifts we were able to find, and if you have the budget, don’t think about it twice. It is every cannabis lover’s dream.

5. A Cannabis Box Subscription

Similar to the gift sets, a cannabis- themed box subscription is also a great idea. The difference is that every month these boxes are different and if you pay for a subscription, your dad will get new toys every 30-days!

So without further ado, these are the best of best when it comes to marjuana related subscription boxes

The Koala Puffs Monthly Box $75

Koala Puffs
Koala Puffs

This box has everything a stoner would need to have a good time. The only thing your dad would need to purchase apart from this is the strain itself.

The Koala Puff June box includes:

  • Calvo Beaker Bong
  • Pride Cushy Cones
  • Hammer Pipe
  • Metal Grinder
  • Grip Mat
  • Metal Tin
  • Lighter
  • Fun Bowl
  • EOS Chapstick
  • Rolling Tray Set
  • Hempwick

So, yeah a lot of things. The best part of all is that with his subscription, he will get new toys on the regular. So celebrate your dad the entire year and get him a Koala Puff subscription!

The SensiBox Subscription $31

The Sensi Box
The Sensi Box

The SensiBox subscription is one of the cheapest gifts featured on our list and it includes 5-7 items! Should I say more?

Get your dad this subscription so he can get glassware, gear, munchies, hemp products and more! This one is a no brainer

The Hakuna Supply Subscription $37

The Hakuna Box
The Hakuna Box

This subscription also includes smoke shop accessories. It does however have a much more beachy vibe. So if your dad is a classic reggae listening stoner, this is the way to go.


If you want to make your stoner dad a happy camper this upcoming Father’s Day, there is no better way to do that than with one of our gifts. Everything that you saw on our list comes recommended by the best of the best in the industry.

If you still aren’t convinced with any of these choices, stay tuned for our part two, where we will share more amazing gift selections for your dad or any loved one that enjoys living a blazing life.

If you have other ideas on great gifts for stoner dads, feel free to share in the comment section below. And if you have a friend who’s dad is a stoner, share this article with them and make their dad’s Father’s Day an occasion to remember.

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