How Cannabis use impacts your love life?

Is using cannabis the way to ruin your relationship as some people seem to think? Or does it actually helps you to improve your love life? Read our blog and find out the truth.

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Let’s face it, there has always been a huge stigma around cannabis use. Since I was little I remember my mother telling me how dangerous drugs were, and how they would make me a hobo, a delinquent, a whore on the streets always looking for my next fix.

Time and common sense made me realize that it wasn’t true. People of good nature and with kind souls that are also cannabis users are everywhere.

But even though times have changed, stigma is still around and many people think marijuana can affect you negatively on your job, studies, personal, and romantic aspects of your life.

Today we want to focus on a subject that many people talk, about and wonder about: can the use of cannabis affect your love life? Can marijuana influence meeting the right person (or any person at all), having a healthy relationship, and making it last?

Let’s peel this orange today.

Can cannabis impact your love life?

This could be a “duh” question for many people, and to be honest, I am one of those many people.

Obviously, cannabis can impact your love life. It can impact your work life and your family life. It could affect every single aspect of your life.

As a matter of fact, any tiny thing that you do in your life affects it. Drinking water does, exercising does, eating salad does, so why wouldn’t cannabis affect your whole life as well?

So, the question here is not whether cannabis affects your life or not (because it does). The right question to ask is whether marijuana impacts your life positively or negatively. And when it comes to your love life, you’ll find interesting the many ways cannabis can positively impact your love life.

How Cannabis use impacts meeting new people

As an introvert, I know the challenges that come with socializing. Meeting new people can be very exciting and natural for many. For others, it can feel like actual torture.

But regardless of your personality type, you’ll find it very comforting to know that cannabis can be a great wingman when it comes to meeting new people.

According to different studies, cannabis can have a relaxing mental effect that reduces social anxiety. This relaxing effect is similar to the one you may experiment with the use of alcohol, making you feel loosened and taking your inhibitions away, but with the huge benefit of not making you act stupid or puke everywhere.

With the right dosage, cannabis will help you enhance the good you: you will feel more self-confident, improve your conversational skills, be less nervous, and feel more connected with others. Cannabis can also help you reduce alcohol consumption during your date (and I’m sure you know why it’s not a good idea to drink a lot during a date).

With the legalization and normalization of marijuana use, there has also been a huge increase in public places where people can reunite and meet new people while smoking a joint or two.

Who says you couldn’t meet your other half while passing the joint? Maybe your special someone is the next one on the puff circle. You pass the joint, your eyes find each other… the rest will be history.

But if that’s not enough for you and you’re a passionate lover + weed user looking for true love (or at least a good adventure), nowadays you can find weed-friendly apps and websites to find the perfect partner for life…and to smoke with.

Apps like High There, 420 singles, or Zoosk, share the same goal: help you avoid wasting your time dating people who think cannabis is a deal-breaker. On these apps, everything is set up straight before meeting up and you will participate on a date where marijuana use is not an issue.

If things still don’t work out, it’s on you (or your date).

How Cannabis use impacts your dating life

Lovers Key Beach. Source: Trip Advisor

After learning that using cannabis helps you relax and increases your self-confidence, it’s easy to figure out why someone would like to puff before going out on a date.

If meeting new people can be nerve-wracking for many, going through the sometimes excruciating world of dating could make you feel at the edge of a panic attack.

But, jokes apart, dating makes us all nervous and anxious. Taking the edge off by pumping the bong one or two times before leaving could help ditch anxiety, as some studies appear to conclude.

As you sure know, with the right dosage, the effect of cannabis is soothing and relaxing. These effects can help you release all the anxiety that comes with dating, so you can focus on getting to know your date.

Also, smoking weed makes you less judgemental and more connected with others. This effect will make you enjoy your date a lot more and also pay attention to the things that really matter on your date, instead of being on the lookout for red flags in your partner.

Just remember to keep it to the right dosage. You don’t want to be so stoned that you feel like you’re falling in love on the first date.

How Cannabis use impacts your sex life

I could just talk from experience here. Having sex while you’re high is AWESOME.

But, let me elaborate.

If you’re a sex enthusiast who likes enhanced experiences in the bedroom, cannabis will be a lot of fun for you.

As a study stated, weed can have many positive effects on a sexual encounter, making it more intense and satisfying.

In the study, some users report enjoying sex more when under the effects of marijuana. Their increased senses allowed them to experience sex more satisfactorily, not only physically, but also emotionally.

Women who take pot as a spice for sex adventures reported feeling more comfortable in their own skin (which is something very uncommon for women, especially when it comes to sex) and sexier. They also report having better orgasms in every possible sense (meaning more, longer, more intense orgasms), reducing sex-related discomforts such as inflammation, soreness, and pain.

In the case of men, they reported increased blood flow, which reduced erectile dysfunction. They also reported longer erections and, although for some men this can mean difficulty in reaching orgasms, other men say that longer sex sessions are exactly what they (and their partners) needed.

These features make cannabis used worldwide to help men last longer in bed. In fact, to this day India uses a cannabis-based drink as a pre-tantric sex ritual.

Cannabis has also been reported to make people (men and women) feel more in the moment during sex, as well as a higher connection with their partner and increased body and mind sensations.

The powers of cannabis to enhance sex have made it so popular it brought to life a new tribe: cannasexuals, people who make different forms of cannabis a vital part of their sexual lives.

Using oils, ointments, moisturizers, sprays, flowers, candles, sweets, and other products based on cannabis, cannasexuals make marijuana the star of every encounter.

Cannasexuals and regular cannabis users agree: using pot before, during, or after sex is a great way to get your mood -and your moves- on when it comes to sex.

How Cannabis use impacts your marriage

Looking to keep the flame burning after a long time sharing life with your spouse? Cannabis may be the answer to your prayers.

While some couples re-ignite their love by going out to dinner or having movie nights, some others have found their love sparkle in vaping, smoking, eating, or using any of the many marijuana products you can enjoy in the 19 states where recreational cannabis is legal and hassle-free.

90 out of 80 couples will tell you that keeping alive a long relationship requires commitment, love, understanding, lots of spins, and new tricks. Cannabis gives many couples just that.

Marijuana can improve couples’ communication, especially when it comes to tackling any issues that may appear. Difficult conversations like finances, kids’ education, in-laws’ visits, etc., can be a lot less stressful with the aid of cannabis.

Since cannabis can help you relax, improve your mood, and boost your attention, you’ll have more profound and meaningful conversations with your other half. Marijuana helps you deeply engage with your partner’s words, be empathic to their feelings, understand them better, and feel more connected.

Couples who enjoy weed together also fight less. The relaxing effect of cannabis keeps you in a good mood, reduces stress and anxiety, and activates your creativity, all key aspects of a healthier relationship.

Also, the use of marijuana among couples is something to share and practice together. Marriages with mutual interests are more likely to stay together for a longer time.

Whether you’ve gone public or not about your weed use, sharing the experience of using cannabis with your partner builds a special bond, especially when it comes to a substance that, even legal in many states now, remains a stigma among many people.

Sharing the secret of being pot users can add a little extra fun to your relationship, and strengthen your bond. It can also lead to a bunch of new adventures. New, fun, and compelling ideas to share with your mate may arise after using cannabis.

Whether is binge-watching aliens series, cooking brownies, beating each other asses on the PlayStation, or just looking at the shiny stars in the sky, getting stoned together could add a new layer to your relationship.

And who says that smoking, vaping, and eating can’t later become a passion that leads to a family business? With the whole US opening more to recreational and medical cannabis, weed is a blooming business that is not going anywhere.

Last, and even though we said it already, I must repeat it: cannabis is a natural aphrodisiac. Meaning you:

  • Will want to have more sex
  • Will have more sex
  • Will enjoy sex more

Since lack of sex and poor quality sexual intercourse are issues often mentioned in couples’ counseling, I would suggest considering making pot part of your relationship.

Tips for using cannabis in your love life

After reading all this, you may feel compelled to move from your state and relocate to one of the lucky 19 states that allows you to use weed for pretty much anything you want. You may be dreaming about your life in California as a weed farmer, earning money while stoned and happy.

But before you pack your bags and tell your boss to go to hell, there are some aspects to consider if you want to be a cool pot user and not some loser stoner.

Don’t just rely on cannabis:

Although getting a little high before meeting your 420 singles match can boost your self-confidence and help you relax, marijuana is not a miracle worker. Weed won’t make you polite, educated, or caring just by using it. Cannabis enhances your personality traits, it doesn’t build traits out of nowhere.

Be naturally polite and fun. Pay attention and take interest in your date. After all, you’re looking for a significant other.

Experience life without it:

Even though cannabis can be a great ally to meeting new people, dating, having sex, and keeping your marriage alive, you must allow yourself to have these experiences without the use of any substance from time to time.

Not only you will appreciate and enjoy it more every time you use it, but you will be able to make a contrast between life with and without weed.

Most people who experience all these aspects of love life without getting high find that the use of cannabis really helps them improve. And knowing the real reason behind their actions and their effects is very empowering.

Mix and match

Don’t just smoke. With cannabis, it is the more, the merrier. Vaping, cooking with weed, using products like candles or oils, growing it at home, learning about seeds…

There is a whole cannabis world to navigate and share!

Being a part of the cannabis culture is something to share with your special someone. It’s something out of the ordinary that will create stronger bonds. The more you dive into the culture, the stronger the bond will be.

And if you’re on the single side of the algorithm, getting involved in cannabis-friendly environments will help you meet a person aligned with your values and whom you could share a weed bond with.

Not only dating sites but other cannabis-enthusiast groups, places, and activities are perfect for meeting like-minded people. Among them, love may be awaiting.

Do you want to improve your love life, from dating to staying with someone forever? Don’t forget to take Mary Jane with you. She’s the best sidekick!