How to Easily Grow Marijuana in Your House

Marijuana is mostly grown outdoor for medicinal purposes or as stimulants. Growing your marijuana indoors in your apartment requires that you know all of the intricacies for its survival and proper growth.

In this article, we will be teaching you how to easily grow marijuana in your house/apartment/condo as effectively as possible.

Get down right into this blog to learn about marijuana and the best practices for good growth in your house/apartment/condo.

What Is Marijuana

Marijuana, also known as cannabis is a plant and a drug that has psychoactive effects on users upon intake.

This plant used as a drug, is native and found vastly in Central and South Asia and has gradually spread to all the other parts of Asia.

Marijuana can be used as a drug for both recreational and psychedelic purposes and in various traditional medicines for centuries.

Marijuana is made up of about 483 known compounds with its major psychoactive compound as  Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

You can smoke marijuana, take it in as vapour, mix it into your food or just chew the leaves.

it does not really matter how it is ingested, it performs its function in the human body.

The effects of marijuana on the physical and mental health of those who take it include euphoria, altered states of mind, and sense of time and concentration difficulty.

These effects come quicker when marijuana is smoked but might take up to an hour and thirty minutes if it is eaten raw or added to food.

The intake of marijuana like every other stimulant requires moderate consumption because, at high doses, marijuana could cause mental; effects such as anxiety, delusions, hallucinations, panic, paranoia, and psychosis.

This effect resulting from the use of marijuana is the reason why most states have banned the intake of this stimulant for purposes that are non-medical.

But you can learn how to easily grow marijuana in your house/apartment/condo and grow away.

Growth Stages of Marijuana

The growth of marijuana in every given habitat follows certain patterns and stages.

Each stage in the marijuana growth process requires its own unique demands in terms of light, water, and nutrients.

Growing a marijuana plant, takes about four to eight months, depending on where the marijuana is being grown.

If you intend to grow your marijuana indoors in your house/apartment/condo, you should expect the Marijuana to flower within five to six weeks.

Knowing the growth Stages and life cycle of your house-grown marijuana is essential to keeping a healthy plant.

The marijuana growth Stages are as follows:

  • The Germination Stage
  • The Seed stage which takes about 1 to 7 weeks
  • The Vegetative stage which takes about 2 to 8 weeks
  • The Pre-Flowering stage which takes about 1 to 2 weeks
  • The Flowering stage which takes the next 6 to 8 weeks)
  • And finally, the harvesting stage.

Setting Up Your House/Apartment/Condo for Growing Marijuana

The success of your marijuana plant growing indoors depends on how well you set up the growth environment.

You should take note of the following when setting up your house/apartment/condo.

1. Choose A Good Indoor space

You’ll need a dedicated space for your marijuana plant as you won’t be able to move them around often.

You should pick a space that is close to the window to help for ventilation and stomata respiration.

As the marijuana plant grows, it develops the marijuana smell. Yea the smell you get when you puff a marijuana smoke. This could be really inconveniencing at times.

So you need to pick a spot that is close to a vent to get these smells out.

2. Create a Good Indoor Climate

The marijuana plant needs certain environmental conditions in order to thrive.

Temperature, humidity, light intensity, and airflow are all parts of these conditions.

These conditions need to be monitored and regulated in order to keep your marijuana healthy through its different phases.

Even though you’ll be controlling the climate inside the grow space, the climate outside the grow space will affect your plants.

Grow your marijuana in a moderate environment that is not too cold or hot.

If you’re growing your marijuana in a house that is cold or in a wet basement, you would need a dehumidifier or heater to get the temperature in good condition.

Conversely, if your space is too hot, you might need to add extra fans or an AC to cool the plants down.

3. Make Provision for Adequate Lighting

4. Provide Good Air Circulation

If it were outdoors, you wouldn’t need to worry about setting up lighting because the light from the sun would suffice.

Marijuana plants need different amounts of light at different growth phases and stages.

Every plant needs about 18 hours of light in the vegetative stage and 6 hours less when flowering.

The amount of light your Marijuana plant receives is so essential that you’ll need to make your indoor grow space light-tight.

Light leaks during dark periods will confuse your plants and cause them to produce male flowers or revert to a different stage.

Plants need fresh air and carbon dioxide to thrive. This is what is called photosynthesis.

You will therefore need enough air flowing through to your marijuana plant growing in your apartment.

This will allow hot air out of the space and cool air in.

You can do this by placing a fan near the plant pot to blow away hot air and bring in cool air.

5. Set Up Fans

If your apartment is small and has little space for growing your marijuana plant, you would need just a few clip-on fans that will be attached to the walls, corners, or support beams in the room.

If your space is too humid, you may need to get a dehumidifier to help with temperature regulation.

However, keep in mind that while dehumidifiers reduce humidity, they increase temperature and you may need more fans or an AC when adding a dehumidifier.

If your apartment is small and has little space for growing your marijuana plant, you would need just a few clip-on fans that will be attached to the walls, corners, or support beams in the room.

If your space is too humid, you may need to get a dehumidifier to help with temperature regulation.

However, keep in mind that while dehumidifiers reduce humidity, they increase temperature and you may need more fans or an AC when adding a dehumidifier.

6. Get Timers for Automation

You will need to get a timer for your lights and temperature regulation.

You can also use a timer for your fans as well set them to a specific temperature, and the fans will turn on when it’s too hot and turn off when it’s too cold.

A timer that automates the processes keeps your marijuana plant growing perfectly even when you are away from your house/apartment/condo for a long time.

How to Easily Grow Marijuana in your house/apartment/condo (5 Growth Hacks)

You can easily grow marijuana in your house, apartment, or condo with five easy hacks.

  1. Make a Growth plan
  2. Get every material you would need
  3. Set up a growth space in your room/apartment/condo
  4. Monitor the plant growth
  5. Transplant into a Larger Container

These steps are not only easy, but they help save you a lot of time and stress in the long run.

Make a Growth Plan

Don’t just start growing a marijuana plant because you feel it is a great idea to do so in your house/apartment/condo.

Chances are that you would rush into the growth process, make a lot of mistakes and kill your plant. It is never beautiful to see dying marijuana.

So, create your unique plan. Inquire from yourself  and from others details about growing marijuana.

Read books, legal facts, blogs and just anything related to planting marijuana in a house.

Arrange your answers into a plan and stick to it.

Get Every Material You Would Need

After your planning, you should invest into purchasing everything you would need to make your growing process easy.

Buy the lights, pots, dehumidifiers, Ac, and every other thing that you think would be necessary for the growth proces

Always ask for clarifications from a professional botanist, if you do not know the right materials to buy.

Set Up a Growth Space in Your Room/Apartment/Condo

You need to designate a part of the house for the growth of your marijuana plant. You should pick a spot that has good ventilation and light.

Setting up your growth space can be demanding, especially if you have too many things inside the apartment already. But the love for marijuana always wins.

Monitor the Plant Growth

Bravo! You are through with setting up the perfect growth space and getting your seeds into the plant pot, you should recline more to continuous checks on the marijuana.

You need to monitor its growth and ensure that it does not lack any nutrients needed for its growth.

Monitoring the marijuana plant also entails controlling the temperature and light it gets.

Transplant Into a Larger Container

This is the final hack, where you’re going to put your marijuana in its last location.

You can tweak this hack to suit your personality,  but I advise you to use a container that is cozy enough for your marijuana seeds.

Before you transplant, add a quarter cup of fertilizer mixed into your potting soil mix.

Benefits Of Growing Marijuana

Growing marijuana indoors allows you to grow marijuana all year round if you wanted.

Growing indoors keeps you in control of the usual natural elements like weather and sunlight that determine when people should plant or not plant.

This means that you can decide when to plant and when not to plant as well as how many times you want to plant in a year.

Growing indoors also keeps your marijuana free from the prying eyes of neighbours and itchy hands of marijuana thieves.

Finding the Right Soil For Marijuana

Good soil for cannabis relies on how many nutrients and microorganisms are present in the soil.

You can use a regular soil mix to be supplemented with purchased nutrients for good growth.

We think a potting soil with peat moss will help your marijuana grow properly

You can make this soil yourself by combining worm castings, bat guano, and other components with good soil and letting it sit for a few weeks. 

You can purchase already made soil from a local nursery or grow shop.

You should consider adding the following to your potting mix:

  1. Biochar 
  2. Peat moss
  3. Compost 
  4. Fish meal 
  5. Bone meal 
  6. Glacier rock dust

Soil Temperature For Marijuana

Your Soil should be within the 65-75°F range, or about the temperature of your grow space.

If the soil is getting too hot under grow lights, add some water or reduce the light intensity for a while.

Growing Your Marijuana Plant in a Hydroponic

Hydroponics is a system of growing plants without soil.

In a hydroponic system, plant roots are suspended in water, which is constantly recycled throughout the system.

One of the main benefits of growing hydro is that roots have easy access to nutrients. Most people say that you can grow bigger, more potent buds using the hydroponic method.

Effective Containers For Easily Growing Marijuana indoors

The type of container you use to grow your marijuana and the growing medium determine the overall health and size of your marijuana plants.

To get the best out of containers you need to determine certain important characteristics of plant pots like size, drainage, and space.

What Size Pot Do I Need

This depends entirely on your choice as a grower, you should however not plant bigger plants in smaller pots.

Many growers like to start their marijuana journey in a one-gallon pot and then transplant them to a bigger pot as plants get bigger.

What to Look For in a Pot

The first thing to look out for in a plant pot is the size of the pot. Like every marijuana plant, yours needs a safe, healthy place for root development.

Without a healthy root structure, your marijuana plant has little chance of thriving.

Roots are in charge of water retention, nutrient absorption, and anchoring of the plant, and they also facilitate vegetative growth.


For a root system to develop and thrive, it will need the following:

  • Drainage
  • Oxygen
  • Nutrients
  • Space

Best water for Growing Marijuana

Your marijuana plant does not just need water, it needs clean water.

The cleaner the water, the better for your plants, but you don’t need to buy a bunch of distilled water to get your plants growing properly.

Generally speaking, if you’re only growing a few plants and your tap water is good enough to drink, it’s probably fine for your marijuana.

The water shouldn’t be too hot or too cold and the temperature should be between 65-75°F.

Cold water can shock the plant and make it difficult for roots to absorb while excessively hot water can damage plants.

Get a schedule where you add nutrients to the water from time to time.

Growth Stages of Marijuana (Table)

The growth stages of marijuana can be broken down into four primary steps from seed to harvest:


Length of Time Stage/Phase of Growth
Day 3 to Day 10 Germination phase
Week 2 to Week 3 Seedling phase
Week 3 to Week 16 Vegetative phase
Week 8 to Week 11 Flowering phase

Generally, it takes the marijuana plant about  10-32 weeks to grow from seedling to full-blown marijuana, ready for consumption or sale.

Regardless of your love for marijuana and how comfortable you feel, a house/apartment/condo that smells like marijuana 24/7 can be a massive turnoff to guests.

The larger the marijuana plant pot, the more the smell it produces. So you stand a chance of having your home smell like fresh marijuana if you have bigger growing marijuana.

Marijuana plants that are at the stage of producing flowers have a way of maintaining a low smell. This is because they do not have terpenes yet.

But as your marijuana plant moves from its flower production to its seed stage, the smell begins to come.

We strongly advise that you grow your weed plant in a room fitted with an air conditioning system.


Finally, it is necessary to remind you of the five growth hacks to easily grow marijuana indoors.

  1. Make a Growth plan
  2. Get every material you would need
  3. Set up a growth space in your room/apartment/condo
  4. Monitor the plant growth
  5.  Transplant into a Larger Container

When you began your indoor marijuana growth, you will come to discover that growing marijuana indoors can be the most interesting part of being a lover of marijuana.

Every lover of marijuana will find this article helpful in learning how to easily grow marijuana in your house/apartment/condo.

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