Immigrant Use Of Cannabis


Immigrant use of cannabis is something every travel enthusiast should be aware of.

Living in the United States for Gabrielle is likely impossible, due to restrictions on immigrants who have possessed, used, sold, grown, or worked in a Cannabis dispensary.

She had worked on a Cannabis farm, and this had been the ground for the unapproved US visas.

U.S Immigration authorities exert stern measures on people with such a record.

These laws are not as strict as this in Columbia and do not apply in this manner.

In Bogota where she lives with her younger brother, it is illegal to possess Cannabis for recreational purposes.

The exceptions for cannabis use and possession are on the grounds of important reasons such as medicinal purposes, personal cultivation as well as consumption.

Disapproved Immigrant Use of Cannabis

The immigrant cannabis use laws are not strict in Colombia as much as the US

Federal laws disprove unlicensed cultivation and commercial use of it.

Although 18 states including Washington DC have licensed Cannabis for recreational use, 37 others have legalized Cannabis for medical purposes.

Perhaps it should have been easier since her uncle Carlos lives in Alaska.

A major challenge has been the differences between the US Federal laws and state laws guiding the production of cannabis as well as its use.

While a good number of states have different provisions for this, immigrants face a major challenge.

The problem for immigrants is the reserved stance of federal laws over immigration-related activities.

Immigrants who have worked or used cannabis could have a high tendency of not being approved for naturalization.

Counts that amount to a lack of character can be grounds for unapproved.

This does not exclude the legitimate Cannabis industry.

Necessary Statistics of Immigrant Use of Cannabis

Just like Gabrielle, immigrants every year face the same challenges of being accepted into some countries.

This is usually on the grounds of Cannabis-related dealings.

The restrictions on immigrant use of cannabis have greatly affected projected plans by immigrants in certain nations.

What about those who are already residents in the US, perhaps as citizens?

The rules that apply in this situation, are slightly different from what is applicable to incoming immigrants.

Improper use of cannabis could attract as much as deportation to the country of origin.

Moreover, at its worst, immigrants who deal or have worked in Dispensaries for cannabis are deemed, drug traffickers.

Immigration especially illegal immigration has heightened the problem of drugs from neighboring countries.

Financial Implications of Immigrant Use of Cannabis

In 2019, the coast guards in Miami recorded a major seizure of Cocaine from Migrants.

This frequency is the same with Cannabis and other drug-related substances.

The modalities in which cannabis as a substance is grown and sold are rarely conventional and expensive to control.

The threats of Cannabis range from moral to security challenges.

An example of this is the National Drug Control Budget.

In 2018 Federal expenditure on drug control was $26 Billion which later increased to $35 Billion dollars in 2021.

In view of the above-stated data, it is important to note that Cannabis accounts for 17.6 percent of trafficked drugs in the United States.

This is to say that a huge chunk of the annual budget is spent on the regulation and control of substances such as Cannabis.

Perhaps these expenditures could have been used for other economic-driven projects.

The Customs and Border protection is at its best, clamping down on offenders.

CBP informs migrants that it is best to declare all items to the CBP officer upon entry to the United States.

If an item already declared is prohibited, in most cases, it could be abandoned without consequences.

If an undeclared item is discovered during the inspection process then there could be consequences.

Measures Taken against Unlawful Immigrant Use of Cannabis.

  • Deportation/cancellation of removal.

Although there are certain circumstances where first-time convictions for marijuana use will not make someone deportable.
There are other conditions where someone gets a finding of inadmissibility

  • Denial of the right to apply for US citizenship.

Regardless of fulfilling every other criterion for citizenship, you could as well be refused citizenship in the United States.

  • Exclusion at the border, even for a permanent resident in the United States.
  • You could lose your family’s immigration eligibility.

Mexican Cannabis Myth Debunked

There used to be a controversy between the surge in migrants from Mexico into the United States in the 1900s and the increase in cannabis use.

But, the controversy and the custom of smoking Cannabis by only Mexicans was debunked to be racial in nature.

How true can this be?

Well, the cannabis situation made the government begin legislation on drugs actively in the United States.

Some opine that these legislations were a tool to wield control over labor as the government wished.

The question however remains, to what extent can we attribute Cannabis to Mexico?

Is there a concrete basis for this? And if there is, what could it be?.

Nonetheless, the state of Arizona realized at least $284 million dollars as tax revenue from Cannabis in 2021 alone.

Notwithstanding federal regulations, the cannabis industry is a fast-growing one.

And this growth is regardless of differing legislation about cannabis in different states.

Legalizing Immigrant Use of Cannabis

The economic impact of legalizing Cannabis is undoubtedly significant.

The substance can become breeding grounds for innovative discoveries medically.

There are also greater tendencies of bridging the unemployment gap.

Cannabis legalization can help in improving the living conditions of engaged individuals.

An RCG economics and policy group study revealed an important effect of legalizing Cannabis for recreational purposes.

In the state of Nevada, It was established that legalizing cannabis use would create as much as 41,000 jobs by 2024.

These benefits are not limited to immigrants or those living already in the United States.

Yet it is necessary to ask about the costs and measures to coordinate its excesses.

It is understandable that within states, these legislations are gradually gaining more ground.

Total tax collected by states in 2019 sums up to $1.7 billion dollars.

But this perhaps means something different for the federal government.

This is due to its attendant implications ranging from cross-border crimes as well as increased challenges for national defense.

Cannabis as a substance is synonymous with crime societally and closely associated with psychosis.

There is no doubt about the downsides of its use for non-medical purposes ignoring user status, immigrant, or residence.

It is not news anymore that fighting crime, especially drug-related crimes, has been a matter of dedicated attention.

It has also been effective with the usage of more sophisticated resources in the past decade.

Handling Immigrant Use of Cannabis in the Community

For US former President Donald Trump, it was beyond building a wall for effective checks, it had to do with helping those addicted to Cannabis and other drugs.

Unchecked immigration meant a loss of control over Cannabis as a substance and industry.

The majority of immigrants in developed nations seek greener pastures, due to this, in the first few weeks of residency without jobs, higher tendencies exist for engaging in underpaying jobs.

This is because access to gainful work is not possible due to the lack of certain documents.

What does this mean? immigrants would venture into job opportunities that require fewer checks on employees especially legal checks which include drug cultivation and commercial distribution.

Isn’t this going to affect taxes?

This ultimately affects annual revenue in the form of evaded taxes since these enterprises are out of government radar.

It might as well interest you to know that asides from tax evasion, these employees could miss out on certain job benefits considering the nature of the jobs they do in order to survive.

For Nations like Bolivia and Zimbabwe accounting for the highest earnings in such underground economies, you can expect how much pressure would be exerted on the general economy.

The income gained from unlawful cannabis merchandise does not form part of the revenue to the federal government.

People are often advised to consult with an immigration lawyer prior to their arrangements for relocating to see any country

This could save them a lot of problems, especially federal checks.

Likewise, if you perhaps have invested in shares/mutual funds that involve the production or sales of Cannabis, you stand similar risks as though you are a user.

Legal checks extend if you are practicing law in the U.S. on a green card or work visa whose clients want to engage in the business as producers or sellers.

Dangers of Improper Immigrant Use Of Cannabis

While we have accessed the prevalence of Drug trafficking across trans- National borders, as well as its implications on immigration or immigrants.

it is also important we closely assess what this might mean for the individual also.

20-year-old Pedro regrets losing his two brothers in the Atlantic sailing across the east coast in a bid to get into the United States.

He had no access to treatment for the trauma, only resorting to the use of Cannabis for relief, this he had not planned initially.

In Arizona alone, the remains of at least 2,832 migrants have been found in southern Arizona since 2001.

according to Arizona OpenGIS Initiative for Deceased Migrants, 40 percent (1,089) have never been identified.

These cases aren’t rare, as these victims resort to the use of drugs for relief escaping the reality that comes back in their lucid moments.

The psychological playback of these ordeals is not without a cost both for the individual and state which later bear the pressure on its existing population.

While some might survive to the shores others might encounter pirates facing what comes thereafter.

A handful is picked up by the navy as well as the coast guard which then implies facing prosecution if found with Cannabis on national waters.

This is not to exclude dehydration, heat and cold injury, or Sometimes wild animals these immigrants face trying to cross these drugs.

A Way Out

These inconveniences are both detrimental to individuals and the nation as well.

Building walls could keep down the trends but not stop these activities, walls are not the solution to immigrants’ smuggling of cannabis or production and sale of cannabis.

Sensitization at every level Should be encouraged and promoted to ensure enlightenment of these concepts.

Lack of foresight has endangered many into unauthorized entry into transnational borders for cannabis-related dealings.

The U.S. government has spent over $1 trillion on counter-narcotics exercises to curb this, yet the number of Cannabis and other drug-related cases is on the increase.

It appears to plague developed nations and highly developing nations but one thing is sure it could as well contaminate other nations.

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Immigrant use of cannabis is an important aspect of your cannabis journey.
We believe stoners should be able to purchase their cannabis without the unnecessary legislation against cannabis.

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