New weekly deals will be announced starting on January 3rd. 

We'll be opening officially on January 3rd, 2022!

E-commerce: retail and wholesale - shipping to any country where CBD flower is legal.

In-person: Our office is located in downtown Miami. We invite any of our wholesale customers to set up a time to meet with us at your convenience.  

Save money on quality Cannabis products with our farm-direct pricing. We pledge to offer only clean products free from pesticides, toxins, and fillers. 

We offer CBD flower Delta8 flower, individual and packaged pre-rolls, Moonrocks, Hashrocks, and more! 

Here's some examples of what to expect:
Delta-8 THC-O Moonrocks
Have you ever seen white Moonrocks? 
Exotic CBD Flower
Delta-8 THC-0 Hashrocks
Hash made with live resin, dripped in Delta-8 and THC-O distillate, then coated in Kief.
Exotic CBD Flower