LGBTQA and Cannabis


LGBTQA and cannabis usage have an important relationship in our century that should not be underemphasized.

Marie was denied a job by an employer last summer, not because she wasn’t fit for the job but because the employer perhaps thought her sexual Orientation as asexual might be in line with her support for the legalization of Cannabis.

This concept was all over the media causing a major divide, between morality and personality.

For some, it was even mean a matter of religion and core social values.

While this article is not strictly to decide if LGBTQA has a direct connotation with Cannabis, one might want to compare to an extent the relationship between the two.

Would you say Fred Coleman who lives off the coast of New Jersey is emotional about his son’s recent use of cannabis? especially his predisposed orientation of being gay?

Some could say Fred was being paranoid others might opine his son’s most recent decision is not a fallout of the former.

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LGBTQA and Cannabis

1. LGBTQA and Cannabis Explained

LGBTA which stands for Lesbian, gay, bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual, and other identities are not the most recent trend, following that it had been a concept of practice and discussion openly since the 80s.

These acclaimed identities have in a way exerted an influence on the spheres of Politics, Education, Religion, Economy, History, and every known area which affect common life.

In certain societies such as the African Society, it is mostly not accepted.

Also, in African dominated culture and religions, LGBTQA and Cannabis are perceived as abnormal by any individual both to himself and as a unit of the society.

Other cultures might pose a similar or different view to this.

While we try not to occupy ourselves with what it might mean for us.

There is little or nothing we can do to accept the fact it is fast becoming a part of our ” IDEAL SOCIETY”.

2. LGBTQA and Cannabis in Real Life Situations

This is about Melanie a divorcee who is lesbian.

Her perpetual resort to the usage of cannabis proved to be an effective means of keeping her mind off the problems she had suffered in marriage.

Initially she faced depression which got her in rehab almost twice.

She resorted to the use of Cannabis seeing how much it had been of help to her friend Emily who she had met at rehab.

This wasn’t known to her doctor, but it was starting to be of great aid to her.

She was finally able to cope better.

We could see how helpless she would have been.

The beautiful effect of cannabis can also be found in Joe’s case.

Joe had gotten to a point where he was in need of cannabis to forget his unemployment troubles and hardship.

The cloud pot hood offered him cannabis at first for free during their inauguration and later on discount.

This feels like family to him now, and he is okay with taking life one step at a time.

Would it be okay to say the consumption of Cannabis is a fallout of being LGBTQA or LGBTQA entails the consumption of Cannabis.

Is there a causal relationship existing between these two concepts?

Do cardio before smoking weed.

3. Boost Your High With Mangos

Mangos have something in common with cannabis: Myrcene Terpenes. And it turns out that if you have mangos an hour or so before consuming cannabis, the weed will get into your bloodstream faster.

This will help you achieve a bigger and harder high. We also recommend you try an edible mango smoothie that will get you where you need to be at the speed of light!

Another thing to keep in mind is that this tip works better if your strain also contains myrcene terpenes. Some of these strains are OG kush, Blue Dream, Hawaiian Haze, and Purple Gas.

Boosting your high with myrcene terpenes can help improve your sleep, reduce chronic pain, enhance your mood, relieve anxiety or panic attacks, and strengthen your immune system. And if you don’t like mango, don’t worry.

Myrcene terpenes can also be found in lemongrass, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, melon, basil, black pepper, and oregano. So, you could also technically increase your high with a great pizza or some delicious spaghetti! The choice is completely up to you!

4. Take a Break From Time to Time

Trust us when we say that having a high tolerance for cannabis can be a real bummer. It makes it harder to enjoy cannabis, and also makes you smoke a lot more to achieve the same results.

This happens when you light up on a daily basis, and it slowly becomes harder and harder to feel high. When you smoke on a daily basis, your body and mind quickly get used to cannabis.

Giving yourself a break from time to time might not be a bad idea. Taking a break for even a few days can make a huge difference in your tolerance. Trust us, the wait will be completely worth it!

This trick will make you feel the same euphoria you felt when you were a first-timer, and it will definitely take you back to the good old days.

Another important thing to note is that the longer you wait, the higher you will get the next time you light that pre-rolled. So, it totally comes down to how long you can go without a hit!

5. Grind That Bud

If you are a regular consumer, this tip won’t surprise you. Grinding your buds is common practice amongst weed lovers. How else do you get multiple buds into a joint?

It won’t only help you get your bud into your preferred paraphernalia. It will also let you enjoy an even burn and help improve the taste of the weed.

Make sure you clean your grinder regularly. If you let time pass, it can become quite difficult to remove the built-up hemp on the blades.

You can also buy a dissolvent solution. There are tons of options on the market that will have your grinder looking like new in minutes! This will also guarantee that you only smoke fresh weed.

Weed, like any other plant, can rot. So make sure that whatever you are grinding is fresh. If not, a single bud can contaminate the entire grinder.

Grinder for weed

6. Choose the Right Strain for You

There are more than 4,000 unique strains in today’s market. We know this sounds overwhelming, but this just means you have tons of options to choose from!

The type of strain is one of the most important things to consider when getting high. Given that the strain you choose will impact the result of the high you experience. So, what types of strains are there for me to choose from?

You can categorize strains in various ways: by effect, by terpenes, or by compounds like THC or CBD. You can take this weed strain quiz to find out which best suits you. The main thing to have in mind when choosing a strain is if it’s sativa, indica, or a hybrid of both.

Indica Strains

Indica Strains help you relax. They mainly give you a body high and help reduce anxiety and chronic pain. These are also ideal if you struggle with stress or insomnia.

If you want to pop in a movie and just lay in your bed and relax, indica strains are the best way to go. Some of these strains include Buba Kush and Legendary OG Kush.

Sativa Strains

Sativa Strains uplift you. They are euphoric and energizing. If you want to have fun or just need a little energy boost, a sativa strain is the way to go.

Sativa strains are also a great creativity booster. So if you are in a creative environment, this might be the ideal type of strain for you.

Some of the sativa strains are Blue Genius, White Widow, Elektra, Sour Space, and Hawaiian Haze.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid Strains are the best of both worlds. So if you suffer from chronic pain or fatigue, but also want more energy and a creativity boost this is the way to go.

Some of the hybrid strains are Wedding Cake, Dosidos, and Purple Gas.

7. Learn How to Roll a Joint

This is a pretty basic tip. You never know when you are going to need the ability to roll your own joint. It’s actually surprising to know the number of regular smokers who don’t know how to roll a proper joint.

We recommend pre-rolling the cone with the help of a pencil or pen, and then filling it with the ground cannabis. If you are more of a visual learner, follow this step-by-step video on how to roll the perfect joint.

Here are some great tips to keep in mind when rolling your joint:

  • Form the shape of your cone with the help of a poker, pen, or pencil. This will ensure the shape of your joint is even.
  • Don’t lick excessively. If you lick the glue on the paper too much, it can come off. A great tip to avoid this is to just lick your finger and pass it through the glue.
  • Make sure you compact your weed, but not too much. We recommend you stuff it and tap it against the table until the weed is compacted. Doing it with a poker can tighten the cannabis too much, which won’t allow air to pass through.
  • To avoid germs when sharing, just pass the lighter through the filter tip quickly. The heat will burn and sterilize it.

8. Don’t be Afraid to Switch it Up

It’s a known rule that the order of the factors does not alter the result. But when it comes to smoking or consuming cannabis, it certainly does.

Changing up your routine is a great way to always keep your high at its peak.A simple way to achieve this is by changing the way you smoke. For example, if you are accustomed to joints, try a gravity bong.

You can also vary the schedule on which you smoke. For example, if you normally smoke in the morning, try smoking at night and see what that does for you.

Another great way to change it up is by taking a break from smoking in general. Edibles are a great way to do this. Although you want to be careful when consuming edibles, they can definitely give a breath of fresh air to your routine.

Quality Weed at Hurcann Miami Fl

9. Quality Over Quantity

Not all strains are grown the same way, and that can also impact the outcome of your high. Make sure you are consuming quality cannabis.

Buying your cannabis from someone that doesn’t know what they are doing can be very counterproductive. Believe us when we say that growing good weed entails a lot.

That’s why it’s better to leave the growing to the professionals. Growing weed in lab-controlled environments ensures that the buds are terpene-rich and high quality.

We recommend you take advantage of our free sample program. Check out what a difference a quality strain can do for your high!

10. Store Your Weed Properly

As we already covered, weed can go bad. So it’s vital that you know how to properly store your cannabis. To avoid having to throw a ton of buds in the trash can.

The first thing to note is that you can’t let it sit out in the open. If it does, your weed could get dry and stale, and you don’t want that. Keeping your cannabis fresh should be your main objective.

The best way to store your weed is in an airtight container. You could also store it in vacuum-sealed ziploc bags, which serve the same purpose.

However you choose to store it, make sure that your weed is not in a humid environment. If it is, it could quickly develop fungi that can be very dangerous for your health when ingested. So this isn’t one of the tips you can take lightly.

Make sure that your weed is dry and unexposed, and you should be good to go! Weed that is properly stored can last you an impressive amount of time. So try it out!

11. Stay Hydrated

You might not know this, but smoking or consuming cannabis can cause dehydration. The best way to avoid this is to stay hydrated.

We also recommend you take an electrolyte beverage or mix some of the ionized solution into your water. The salts from the electrolyte will help you retain water during your trip.

You can also enjoy drinking juices or teas. Just as long as an equal amount of liquids as smoke enters your system.

12. Find Your Happy Place

When it comes to enjoying your high, the setting can be everything. Make sure the place you choose makes you feel happy and safe. If not, you could be in for a very bad trip.

We also recommend that you clean and organize your space before enjoying your high. Messy places can induce anxiety and paranoia, two things you definitely want to avoid.

Having a good ambiance can also make for an amazing trip. We suggest projectors, lamps, comfy blankets, and a fan if needed to make for an unforgettable experience.

Also, make sure the space has everything you need so you don’t feel the pressure to be moving around while high. Just think of what you will be doing and make sure everything is there.

13. Create a Special Playlist

Music can determine the difference between an amazing trip and a mind-numbingly boring one. If you don’t believe us, think of what music does for movies. Can you imagine the last scene of Titanic playing to Metalica?

We recommend you have a playlist for every mood. Music will be a sure way to achieve what you want out of your trip.

A really great idea is putting on some headphones and playing some 8D electronic music, or a deep vibration meditation session. But most importantly, do not underestimate the influence music can have on your high.

14. Eat Dark Chocolate

We are sure you won’t have any objections about this tip. It turns out that eating dark chocolate can also boost your trip! So, we recommend you have a delicious bar of chocolate before lighting up.

You see, cacao makes the brain break down the fatty acid neurotransmitters that blind it to  THC or CBD receptors. This basically means that if you eat dark chocolate before ingesting cannabis, you will get higher, faster.

Some people even go as far as to calling dark chocolate “the bliss molecule”. I guess you’ll have to try it out and see just how “blissful” it can be!

THC CBD infused Chocolate Bars

15. Just Relax!

The ultimate tip is to just keep calm and carry on! Remember that no high lasts forever. So, just hang in there and enjoy the ride.

This moment is for you to let go of all your stress and anxiety and just relax! So take advantage of that and do your favorite things or simply just lay back and watch a movie.

Whatever you choose, make sure you enjoy yourself while on your high! If you ever feel yourself worrying or stressing about something, go out and get fresh air. A 5 minute walk can make an entire difference.

Quick Checklist

Before the High

  • Do some exercise
  • Eat mangos
  • Select the right strain for you
  • Choose quality over quantity
  • Learn how to roll a joint
  • Grind your buds!
  • Find your happy place
  • Create a music playlist

During the High

  • Mix and Match your routine
  • Store your weed properly
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Eat dark chocolate
  • Make sure you are inhaling properly
  • Just Relax!


Whatever you may choose, always remember that knowing yourself is the most important part of experimenting with cannabis.

Once you find your way through the wonderful world of weed you’ll start discovering your own tips and add them to the list. It really depends on what you want out of your personal experience.

That being said, we hope you found these tips and tricks useful and if you have any of your own, please feel free to share in the comment section below.

Table of Contents