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Our Team

To combine our love for Cannabis with yours, the Hurcann  team has thought through every aspect of buying Cannabis from start to finish. The result is a team and a website dedicated to the best products for your lifestyle. We also offer the opportunity to help grow your own business or love for sharing Cannabis.

To ensure you have the best experience, we are committed to maintaining and strengthening the foundation of our business. Honesty, integrity, empathy, and respect in everything we offer.

Our founder

Mike, joined the cannabis industry in 2018 and gained extensive experience in product strategy, marketing, and operations.

He decided to start Hurcann in Miami, Florida in 2022, as a response to an obvious problem he noticed in the cannabis industry: Exclusivity.

He has always believed that Cannabis use has thrived on shared experience and inclusion.

The concept of the “Pay-to-Play” strategy that has been adopted by many in the industry favors the interests of large corporate interests. To counteract that, Mike prefers to take a more humanistic approach to business. This started with creating and now maintaining our fundamental values, as well as taking care of each client and member of the team at the heart of Hurcann.

Mike brought together our skilled Farmers and Advisory Team. He manages to provide our clients with a market and business opportunity for new farmers. At the same time, providing an ideal, harmonious, welcoming, and calm place, where we are all healthy, kind, and inclusive.

Thanks Mike, we are proud and grateful to grow with Hurcann!

Our Farmers

Hurcann farmers grow cannabis marijuana miami florida

We have a group of expert farmers. They are highly trained and lovingly nurture each plant until it has organically completed its development. Maintaining its level of purity and quality throughout its development.

They grow Cannabis while following the commitment of our fundamental values. This allows us to offer security and satisfaction when purchasing our products. That is why you will always find at Hurcann the perfect combination of Cannabis in its most natural form, grown without pesticides, heavy metals, or dangerous toxins.

Consulting Team

Brett joined Hurcann as our sales manager in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. He uses his passion and knowledge of Cannabis to oversee operations and work directly with our store partners to create more opportunities for Hurcann products. He is a spark to our overall team that provides ideas and insightful perspectives. 

Our Team of advisers gives you guidance on the acquisition of products that best suit your requirements. Likewise, we offer a business opportunity that you can partner with for the long term.

We give personalized attention and the treatment you deserve as part of our service.

Learn about business opportunities with us and buy products that have the best quality, at a competitive price.

Our Customer Service Team can help guide you through every step.

About us

We are happiest when we are helping you...

We are an online store and supplier of Cannabis and its derivatives. Maintaining a fair relationship between high quality, price, and variety, with 100% natural products. Each one of our strains is a  striking and tentative explosion of colors, flavors, and aromas.

We offer a guarantee on all our products, because we know they are excellent and of the highest quality. This is a culmination of the years of experience that our expert farmers and our overall team have.

We will resolve any concerns you have as soon as possible. Contact us through our email address and get answers to any concerns or questions. You can also fill out the contact form with your name, and your email along with your question, concern, or suggestion. Get personalized attention without any commitment.

Follow Hurcann Team on social networks Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Visit our News&Blog section every week and don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter! This way you won’t miss any current topics of interest in the world of Cannabis.

What our customers say about us


John Davis
John DavisBest Wholesale Experience
Read More
Hurcann has great quality products and I can't beat their pricing. Working with Mike and his team was easy. Communication was consistent and my order shipped and arrived quickly. Definitely recommend!
Rebecca H
Delta8 pre-rolls
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I've tried several brands and this was the best flower. Sour Space Candy for the win!
Rey Hernandez
Read More
moonrocks and hashrocks are fire
John Doe
John DoeGrowing Business
Read More
We needed a supplier because our business is expanding. We chose Hurcann because their finished products are professional. The design is attractive and we always have customers commenting about the labels and asking questions.
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