One of the fastest growing industries today is the cannabis industry, which is a result of its increasing legalization in different countries. As such, there is an increase in the demand for workers, and there are more career opportunities in the cannabis industry than you may know.

Working in the cannabis industry is lucrative, especially in states where its recreational use has been legalized. People take cannabis for two significant reasons: recreational and medicinal purposes. While a large portion of people takes it for recreation, a sizable number of people take it for medicinal purposes such that day after day, cannabis-based medicine such as patches and pain balms are being introduced to the market daily.

According to statistics by Washington Post, the industry added 80,000 jobs in 2020. As of 2021, Americans working in the legal cannabis industry now outnumber the country’s paramedics. To join the cannabis industry, you don’t need to learn any particular skill; start with what you have and can do. Many professionals are required for human resources, marketing, operations, and sales; you must apply what you do best.


The legalization of Cannabis in the world today is still in various stages. In some places, cannabis has been fully legalized, while the story is different in others. For someone looking to enter the cannabis industry, it is essential to know your state’s legalization level. While its medicinal use is legalized in most states, the legalization of its recreational use still has a long way to go.

California was the first state to legalize the use of Cannabis in the United States of America, and since then, some states have joined. Out of the 50 states in America, 39 have legalized the use of marijuana. Other countries like Georgia, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, and the Netherlands have also legalized the recreational use of cannabis.

In places where the recreational use of cannabis has been approved, there are still some restrictions, such as an age limit. The age limit of 18 and 21 is the most common, and smoking is prohibited in some places.

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The legalization in your location is therefore crucial in working in the cannabis industry.


Someone who wants to enter the cannabis industry may wonder which roles are available in the industry and the duties of each position. A few years when someone asks, and you tell them you work in the cannabis industry, they look at you like, “you are joking, aren’t you?”. But these days, the story is gradually changing as people are being educated on the use of cannabis. Some will even ask curious questions that have been bothering their mind about the plant. Here are some of the traditional cannabis job roles that are still very much in existence today

  1. Growers: Growers in the cannabis industry are people working in the field and growing cannabis plants. They know the different strains and the best conditions for their growth. This is a vital role in the industry because it is the basis of the whole of the industry. It is what they produce that the other sectors will work on.
  2. Trimmers: Trimmers work in the field. This is an entry-level role that is quite vital in the cannabis industry. Trimmers trim the bud from the plant. The bud is what contains the necessary cannabinoids and is of importance in the p Budtenders: Budtenders works in recreational cannabis dispensaries to assist customers with their purchases. Budtenders must be knowledgeable about cannabis as part of their job is recommending cannabis strains to customers and guiding them to make the right choices. Part of their job is also ensuring that customers always use different types of cannabis.

These are primary jobs in the cannabis sector. However, today, the industry is snowballing so that whatever it is you can do, there is a place for you to fix yourself into the industry and render your value. Here are some professional roles in the industry you may not know is in high demand

  1. Human Resource: Human resources managers are in high demand in the cannabis industry as the number of people who wants to break into the cannabis industry is growing daily, and the industry needs to fill in open roles. This is where a human resource manager comes in to render service.
  2. Marketing and sales: Every industry needs a marketer, and the cannabis industry is no exception. If you are marketing personnel looking to enter the industry, this is a go-ahead for you to shoot your shot into your desired company, find out if they have open marketing roles, and get that job.

  3. Operations: The operation sector of the industry is a huge one as the industry is one where tons of procedures are being carried out from planting to harvesting to processing to packaging; there; there are so many roles to be filled under operations. Send in that application today.

  4. Manufacturing: This is a sector under operations but a major one. Cannabis is made into different products: Delta 8 lollipops, gums, and several others. Some people work in this unit and carry out these processes.Cannabis for medicinal use is also processed differently. Products such as pain balm, tinctures, capsules, and patches made from cannabis are produced by the manufacturing industry.
  5. Customer service: Customer service is a job that is needed in every industry, and that includes the cannabis sector. If you are working in customer support and would like to switch industries, you might want to consider one of the fastest-growing cannabis sectors.

The list is endless; the industry is growing and changing daily, and all hands are needed on deck.

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Karson Humiston, Founder, and CEO of Vangst in Santa Monica, California, was interviewed by Refinery 29 about how it feels she got into the cannabis industry. Vangst is a recruiting company for the cannabis industry linking companies with people looking to get into the industry. She said she sent a mail to her network asking them which sector they would like to work with, and 70% of the replies she got told her about the cannabis industry.

Working in the cannabis industry is a dream come true for many in the present-day world. Some five years ago, many people could not say the same thing about their desire to enter the cannabis industry. Still, things are getting better and will only continue to improve.

Here, we have compiled some tips on what it is like to work in the cannabis industry and some tips on what to do.

  1. Expect a lot of dynamism: The cannabis industry is growing, so one thing to expect is a lot of dynamism. It is not an industry where all you do every day for the 365 days of the year is the same. You can be creating a new product in the processing unit today, and the government declares it is illegal tomorrow. The law changes constantly, and with it mainly going in favor of the industry, there are projections of enormous profit. The cannabis industry pays well, even for entry-level jobs.Since it is still an industry in its early stage, the work is dynamic and ever-changing, especially for those working in the processing sector. So brace up; with the dynamism, however, comes the fun.
  2. Have a sizable knowledge of Cannabis: If you want to enter the cannabis industry, this is golden advice. Have a sizable understanding of cannabis generally. Working in the cannabis industry will require you to educate others, whether customers or acquaintances, when they hear about your new job.Apart from all these reasons, it is only suitable that you know about what you are about to venture into. Become engaged and learn about the plant. You can also join related organizations involved in the legalization of cannabis wherever you are. Such will not only get you the needed knowledge but also the needed connection to make a headstart in the industry.
  3. Expect people not to take you seriously when you tell them what you do: The situation is improving, but up until now, if you tell someone what you do, there is a high chance they are surprised. They are like, “are you serious?” Yes, of course, you are damn serious.

You can educate them about what you do, your role, and the great benefits of cannabis in the world today.

  1. Expect the initial excitement to reduce: Before getting into the cannabis industry, you may be pumped up and eager for the work. Once you get in, you will discover the job is what it is; a job. It is still a job, and you need a solid work ethic to cope.Working in the cannabis industry is more than the excitement; it is an actual job, and as you begin to settle in with the job, the initial excitement may dwindle. But if you love to work in the cannabis industry, you will love every step.
  2. Prepare to be flexible: As the cannabis industry is just in its early stage and is ever dynamic, with many products being released regularly, you should expect to wear many hats in the business.

You may need to step out of your defined responsibilities and take up some duties to help with the growth and improvement of your company. The industry is still being discovered, so you should expect to wear many hats and be flexible.

  1. Expect to work long for hours: If you are thinking of quitting your job and transitioning into the cannabis industry because you want more time on your hand, that may not happen. Working in the cannabis industry, expect to work for long hours. Ever since its recreational use has been legalized in different countries, the demand for it has been on the high side, which translates to more work for the staff in the industry.Dispensaries have to open longer to meet the demand of their customers.



Many roles are waiting to be filled in the cannabis industry. The list seems endless, from budtenders to trimmers working on the field to roles in the processing unit to marketing and Human Resources. The question remains; How do I get such roles?

Here are some tips for you on how to get your dream job in the cannabis industry:

  1. Be involved: This is the first thing a person looking to enter the cannabis industry must do. Be involved, learn about the cannabis plant, and be knowledgeable about it. You will appear as someone who is not serious if asked a common question in an interview, and you cannot provide good answers to them. Have basic knowledge of cannabis. Read materials about it, blog posts, and other content. Get the needed skills.Another way to get involved is to join in advocating for the legalization of cannabis where you are. If legal organizations are advocating for such in your state, do join. This way, you not only get involved, but you also get to connect with people who can offer you a job even without you pitching, which brings us to the next point; networking.
  2. Network and pitch: Get your name out there. Find out if there is a cannabis event holding and volunteer—network with people in the industry.Pitch, put yourself out. Let people know what you can do to help and contribute to the industry. The industry is just growing, and there are lots of opportunities and job openings out there you can apply to work. Be on the lookout for opportunities and stay updated.
  3. Tailor your resume: This may be easier for you if you have experience in the cannabis sector beforehand, but if you don’t, do not let it deter you. Learn about the plant, research, volunteer, and attend cannabis events. Build your resume while applying.

These three points are critical in getting into the industry faster and more effectively. A question most people ask when they want to enter the industry is; Do you have to be a cannabis consumer to enter the industry?

The answer to this is no. You don’t have to be a cannabis user to enter the industry. Many people in the industry are non-cannabis users and are making great waves there. So do not let that stop you from applying and making your mark, your impact in the growing industry.



There are lots of opportunities in the cannabis industry waiting for you to grab them and make the best of them. Get some knowledge of its level of legalization in your state, both medical and recreational. Decide the role you want to take up and prepare for it. Put yourself out there; network, pitch, and it’s only a matter of weeks before you celebrate your new position.

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