What Kinds Of Jobs Should And Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Use Cannabis?

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If you’re an employer, you know that cannabis use is a potential problem in the workplace. If a worker has consumed in the past few hours, it can make them lazy and unproductive.

Plus, if they’re high while they show up to work, they could put themselves and their colleagues at risk of injury.

That’s why some think that cannabis should be banned from all workplaces or limited only to particular professions where it’s necessary for safety reasons.

We think responsible adults should be able to consume responsibly on their own time—at home or when out socializing with friends—and still live safe, healthy lives.

But what about cannabis and the workplace? Are there some jobs where marijuana use is more acceptable than others? And should it be allowed at all?

In this blog, we’ll look at different jobs where cannabis use should and shouldn’t be allowed/permitted.

Keep in mind that this isn’t legal advice, so don’t try to work these rules into your employee handbook.

These are just general guidelines, and when it comes down to it, you always have the final say over what employees can (and can’t) do on the job.

What Kinds Of Jobs Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Use Marijuana?

One of the most challenging questions to answer is what kinds of jobs shouldn’t be allowed to use cannabis. We’re tempted to say “none,” but that’s not realistic or practical.

Professional Drivers

We know that high driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving, and there should be zero tolerance for it on the road. Intoxicated drivers put others at risk every time they get behind the wheel.

Plus, if we’re going, to be honest with ourselves, it could take up to two hours for a user’s high to wear off depending on how much they consumed and how fast their body metabolizes THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana).

That’s why it’s best for occupations that deal with public safety to enforce a zero-tolerance policy on pot. That means commercial drivers, including those who drive semi-trucks and big rigs, should be cannabis-free while they’re on the job.

They’re in charge of hauling other people around, so they must be at their best. The same goes for pilots; after all, an airplane is not an easy place to focus if you’re high.

Those In Public Safety Jobs

If you’re going to have standards for employees in public safety positions, we think it’d make sense to have them be absolute marijuana bans while they work.

No one is going to be happy about that. Still, with enough education and training on marijuana use and its potential health risks, law enforcement could be given some legal cover to enforce a zero-tolerance policy for cannabis in their companies.

We can think of a few more dangerous jobs than being a police officer, firefighter, or other similar professions. These people risk their lives daily on the job, and we shouldn’t want them to deal with any additional risks.

We think it’d be a significant first step in educating cops and other public safety employees on dealing with marijuana and its potential risks.

If you’re in a profession that puts you in harm’s way, we think it’s best to err on the side of caution when it comes to marijuana use.

Truck Drivers

Though we hate to admit it, truck drivers should not be allowed to use marijuana while behind the wheel. You might have noticed that we already mentioned this in the “professional drivers” section.

That’s because driving and cannabis don’t mix. Most people don’t realize how long it can take for the drug to wear off and how it can affect a person even if they aren’t under the influence of alcohol while they drive.

It is not like you should ever drive while high, but you can probably understand why companies like FedEx and UPS enforce zero-tolerance policies for employees who use pot.

Marijuana impairs a person’s vision, judgment, reaction time, and decision-making abilities. These are vital skills for any professional driver who is on the road all day.

Those In Jobs That Could Be Affected By Marijuana Use

We’re not saying employees or team members should be banned from using cannabis altogether, but we think it’s your right to establish a limited policy. There is no problem if you don’t want your workers to use pot while working.

The same goes for other substances that are legal in some states and not others. People in states where recreational marijuana use has been legal for years have become accustomed to the rules and how they apply.

For example, if you live in Colorado or Washington, people should not be punished for their recreational use of marijuana just because other states haven’t allowed it.

That’s unreasonable and unrealistic. We think companies should create their policies on substance use.

People With Serious Health Problems

Sick and exhausted female spending day at home

While there’s now a growing number of states that have legalized marijuana for medical use, we still believe that many people with serious ailments might not be able to have a job or go to school as long as they’re under the influence of this drug.

We’re not trying to punish these people. But we think anyone who is using marijuana should be very explicitly informed about its possible health risks.

What Kinds Of Jobs Should Be Allowed To Use Marijuana?

There have also been recent scientific studies that suggest that cannabis can help reduce chronic pain and spasticity due to multiple sclerosis.

Furthermore, recent reports indicate that cannabinoids may help restore brain function following a stroke rapidly.

As more and more people become aware of the benefits of cannabis, it becomes increasingly clear that prohibition causes many problems for society as a whole.

Countless studies are proving the medicinal uses of marijuana and its derivatives, which show no matter what job you are doing.

Still, there is at least some benefit from the plant, either directly or indirectly related to its use concerning pain relief and easing symptoms related to various medical conditions.

Law Enforcement

There are over 15,000 deaths a year associated with alcohol alone. Due to the widespread use of cannabis, and its derivatives, there are specific job categories in which you can use cannabis and its derivative on the job board.

Law enforcement officers and Firefighters need to be trained and educated in the appropriate use of cannabis products, as they do with other tools and tools of the trade.

In some cases, they may even require it to save their lives; it is unlikely that someone would plan on killing or injuring a law enforcement officer or fireman.

The widespread knowledge of the medicinal properties of cannabis and its derivatives on behalf of law enforcement, firefighters, and military personnel can also be applied to everyday citizens who may find themselves caught up in a violent crime and need medical attention.

It is an additional benefit that could help save lives and prevent first responders from becoming injured.


A lonely student has stress at work
A lonely student has stress at work.

Students in America enjoy a pretty sweet deal. When they’re not in school, they can legally consume marijuana. Some states have even provided them with legal recreational pot use without any age restrictions.

Even if you decide to employ a zero-tolerance policy for your workers, students should be allowed to get high whenever they want. They’re minors, after all!

Anyone With A Medical Marijuana Card

It seems silly to say this, but workers should not be punished by their employers for using marijuana if they have a valid medical marijuana card in their state.

As long as there’s a prescription, there should be no issue with an employer allowing you to use cannabis in your free time.

Business Quality Assurance

In any work environment, people have to make difficult decisions. We sometimes need to do so in the face of emotional stress, pressure, or time constraints.

In these cases, employees may be less likely to make the right decision at the right time, which can result in enormous losses for a company.

A person who uses cannabis is more likely to be able to make better decisions because it is less emotionally charged. Additionally, users are better equipped to deal with pressure and stressful situations due to their relaxed and calm mindset.

Therefore, in environments that require quality assurance testing from individuals who can make decisions without the stress of time constraints, cannabis users are the perfect candidates.

Decision-Making And Motivation

In easily identified situations where a person has to make a quick decision at work, due to high-pressure situations, cannabis users are more likely to be able to assess the situation and make logical decisions quickly. That benefits the company while also keeping more money in their pockets.

This can include making high-stakes transactions or undergoing riskier procedures because they possess a calm demeanor and a sense of relaxation. Yet another benefit can directly reduce the costs of maintaining a business while increasing financial and corporate success.

Production And Sales

There are many benefits that people who use cannabis and its derivatives have in the workplace, including increased productivity, the ability to make more money, and a better chance of completing tasks more efficiently.

It is especially true for employees who use cannabis to work longer hours because they are more relaxed and less likely to lose focus when under stress or pressure.

They will be less likely to get bored or frustrated and end up working extra hours because their mind can relax. It means they can remain productive longer and ultimately complete the most amount of work in the allotted time possible.

Other examples of jobs where you can use cannabis and its derivatives may include

Bakery workers, Dental assistants, Grocery and food store workers, sales representatives, sales managers, and management.

Numerous studies show that the use of cannabis and its derivatives can increase productivity while still providing the same amount of productivity as non-users and employees.

We can see that there is a tremendous benefit to cannabis use for both consumers and employers alike.

It is time to update our outdated laws again, not just for medicinal purposes but also because it is time to give people the freedom to do their job.


So that’s our list of people who should be able to use marijuana at their discretion and those who shouldn’t.

Now that we’ve listed all the groups who should be allowed to use cannabis, it’s up to you to decide whether you want your company to adopt a zero-tolerance policy on marijuana use.

At the end of the day, while a lot of people should be able to use weed recreationally or medicinally, we don’t think many companies will be comfortable with free-thinking employees getting high on their own time. We think it’d take a robust “all hands on deck” mentality for an employer to do this.

We’re not saying that you can never change your mind about whether or not marijuana use is allowed. Still, we expect many employers who have historically been against the legalization of cannabis will continue to be against it for years to come.

Ultimately, we’re not saying that your company shouldn’t allow marijuana use by any of its employees. But we would like to see more companies focus on ensuring their workers have a safe and healthy experience with cannabis if they decide to get high.

What do you think? Should marijuana use be banned in the workplace? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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