What to do with male cannabis plants?

Don’t just throw that male away! Your male cannabis plants can be more useful than you think. Make the best of your time and effort with this post.

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You got your seeds, pampered them, gave them the best soil, water, light, and food they could get. You watched them, took damn good care of them. And after all your time and effort, those nasty sacks start appearing everywhere.

What the f…? There must be a curse on you, the gods of agriculture have punished you with a cohort of males (or maybe just one). Nasty, dumb-ass, good-for-nothing males.

Or, aren’t they?

As it turns out, ALL cannabis plants are great.

Although the popular thought is that male weed = low quality and low potency plants, the matter is not exactly like that.

The truth is that, while male marijuana has a lower concentration of THC, the hallucinogenic component in cannabis, it still carries many cannabinoids -and their benefits.

Today, we want to spread the word about male benefits. ALL cannabis, females, and males, are good for you. And we will show you some ways you can make the best of your plants.

5 things done with male cannabis

Want to know some of the best things that can be done using hemp? Keep reading:

Breed cannabis seeds

With feminized seeds being sold anywhere, many people will never be even close to a male plant.

But just because consumers aren’t close to these plants, doesn’t mean they’re not important.

Males are vital for selective seed breeding programs. They provide the pollen that will make 50% of their offspring’s DNA. The pollen passes traits such as size, growth rate, resistance to plagues and diseases, and many others that could make a huge difference from one plant to another.

When done by experts, these traits can improve a plant’s health and growth rate, whilst retaining potency, flavor, and the overall quality of females. Breeders use cloned females and cross them with different males to compare their offspring’s traits to produce quality seeds.


Many cannabis farmers save their males to make fabrics instead of just throwing them away.

Although male and female cannabis can be used for fabric production, fibers from males are more flexible and resistant. They’re perfect for making a wide range of products, from resistant bags to soft and comfy towels.

Hemp plants have more fibers than female plants, making them great for large-scale production. These plants have been used as a top-quality fiber since the year XVI BCE, as it’s seen in several Chinese texts.

Garden aid

Male cannabis is used as a repellent and pesticide for many crops. It’s used by growing plants surrounding crops or drying the leaves, seeds, flowers, stems, or roots to make natural extracts, pastes, or mulch.

Male weed effectiveness defeats plagues that could wreck any crop. Some of them are the cabbage caterpillar, potato beetle, potato blight fungus, cotton worms, root maggot, and European chafer larvae.

Male cannabis power is such an effective way to fight bugs, dangerous microorganisms, and diseases, many cannabis farmers willingly grow them inside their female crops.

Farmers place a few plants in sheltered spaces, protected from wind and air flows, and far enough away from females to avoid pollen affecting the crop too much. By doing this, they get smokable and potent flowers with amazing smell and taste, a stack of healthy, high-quality seeds, and a healthy and highly productive garden.

Growing male cannabis in your garden will also control the growth of undesired species; “bad weeds” that I’m sure you know are very hard to get rid of. By growing cannabis in strategic places, invaders won’t spread their roots in your crop, and their growth will be diminished.

And don’t they just look so cute anywhere you plant them?

Oils, concentrates, and hashish

Even though it takes a considerably higher number of male plants to get these subproducts, it can still be worth it. By using methods like butane extraction or QWISO, some farmers and producers have successfully extracted enough resin to produce oils, hashish, and more.

These products won’t make you high, but you will get many of the amazing properties of cannabinoids.

Male cannabis can help you reduce pain, release stress, make you sleep better, decrease anxiety levels, increase appetite, increase focus and attention, and more.

All this is possible because, as it turns out, male weed is too, very potent.

A 1971 research found that even though it’s true that female plants have a higher concentration of cannabinoids, male plants have a lot of potency on their own.

Some parts of the plant (like leaves and stems) can present almost identical levels of cannabinoids in both male and female plants. In some plants from Morocco, the overall cannabinoid concentration was actually higher in male plants.

And there is more: the only time when female plants have higher cannabinoid concentrations than male plants, is in the flowering stage, and after. Before flowering, males present a higher cannabinoid concentration than females.

Not so bad now, right?

Edible seeds

Cannabis seeds are edible and taste great, very similar to nuts. Like many seeds, they are rich in fatty acids, amino acids, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which make them a great complement to any diet.

Cannabis seed producers harvest seeds for many uses: seeds to regrow, edible seeds, flours, oils, and more.

But how can YOU use male cannabis at home?0

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “but I don’t want to breed seeds, make fabric, or distill oil!. I’m just gonna throw it out!”

Hang on in there. We wanted you to know some really cool things the male cannabis is good for just so you know and care about males more. But if you just want to recycle that plant to stop feeling like a failure who lost a bunch of time and effort on a useless plant, we have a few cool options for you.

We’re lucky. Marijuana is an edible plant. You can consume all the parts of it. Yes, even the really thick and hard ones, so prepare to be amazed by all the uses you can give to your male:


In need of a relaxation method after a long day at the office? Many people will prepare their good, old, and reliable chamomille tea. But what if you take it up a notch and drink a relaxing cannabis tea?

An infusion using mail cannabis can give you all the good things that you love about weed: it will relax you, reduce physical pain, and headaches, and it will help you sleep better. Many will actually like the fact of not getting high.

To make yourself a cup of canna-tea, you can use all the parts of the plant: leaves (fresh or dry), stems (even the harder ones), roots, or flowers. Sweeten it to taste and get ready to relax. You can also combine these leaves with traditional herbs (tea, chamomille, etc.) for a fun spin.

Infusions are not just for tea parties, though: adding leaves, flowers, or stems to a bottle of your favorite liquor can give it a different taste and enhance your buzz. Liquors, like clear rums, whisky, or gin are better. Make it a part of your cocktails using it the same way you would use mint or lemongrass.

And you can also infuse it for medical purposes. Cannabis is used to help decrease pain, sleep better and even control epilepsy (find study). Many cultures infuse alcohol with cannabis to help with these and other discomforts.


Getting oils for relaxing and other wellness or medical use is on the rise. Whether it comes from the leaves, seeds, or any other part of plants, oils are a trend these days.

Cannabis oil is (of course) part of this trend. More people want to experience the reported effects of this miraculous oil. Benefits range from helping sleep better to helping control and decrease epilepsy, depression, or anxiety episodes.

You probably won’t cold-press seeds, or distill leaves and stems yourself. But something you can do in the comfort of your home is to infuse the oil with parts of the plant.

To do it, you have two options:

Cold infusion

All you need is a bottle of vegetal oil (extra virgin olive oil is better) and your leaves, flowers, seeds, or stems. Just add your cannabis to the oil bottle and let it macerate in a dark and cold space (like all the way back in your food cabinet) for at least 5 days (the more days, the stronger taste, smell, and effect you will experience)

Hot infusion

In this case, all you have to do is poach your cannabis by placing it on a pot and then filling it with oil. Take the cooking pot to the stove and let it simmer until the oil has reduced. Let it cool and store it in a bottle.

Marijuana oil can be used topically, to cook, to vaporize it, for dressing…anything you can imagine!


Remember that time your friend gave you oregano and told you it was weed? Now you can do the same backwards and replace their oregano with some weed leaves!

Dry cannabis leaves can be dried and ground to use them like you use oregano, dill, or any other herb. Leaves give a nice flavor to meats and make your pizza taste better.

Use your seeds as well: throw them inside a pepper mill for a fresh and delicious crust on a piece of fish, to replace the sesame seeds of your bagel, or to add some crunch to brownies and cookies.

And who wouldn’t want to feel full and relaxed?

Aroma -and energy- therapy

If you’re a person who likes essences to repel bad mojo, you will love this.

Use your male cannabis to aromatize your spaces and make the energy flow. The plant will release its cannabinoids into the air, making the room comfier and relaxing.

You can use cannabis to make your own incense sticks. Or you can simply place it directly on the top of your burner at medium-low heat for a long-lasting aromatization. This is a smart way to use the thick stems and roots of your plant.


Are you into the whole juice trend of fasting and detoxing? Or maybe you just like to add ingredients to make your drinks healthier. Either way, cannabis can help. Their leaves are perfect for adding to your favorite juice. They have a ton of nutrients, fiber, and cannabinoids that won’t make you high but will improve your mood and make you sharper.

You may also be familiar with the benefits of drinking chlorophyll for your health. To get the best flavor, choose the fresher and younger leaves. Remove thick stems and blend them with the fruits or vegetables of your choice.


We saved the best for last! Any cannabis lover knows that food with weed tastes better! This is not true only regarding taste after smoking. Marijuana is an awesome ingredient for your meals.

The uses of cannabis in the kitchen are many. Any recipe can benefit from a sprinkle of ganjah: sweet and savory foods work wonders when combined with cannabis.

Everyone knows about cannabutter and cannabis milk, but did you know that you can make many other dishes?

What about adding fresh leaves to a delicious tomato, avocado, and tuna salad? You can also use them to replace your regular greens like chard or spinach in your omelet. Try a stir fry with onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese for a delicious pasta dish. You could even batter the leaves and make your own cannabis tempura.

And what about sweet recipes? Polen, seeds, and flowers are often more popular. Dry and grounded seeds, stems, and leaves can be used to enrich flour.

After reading all these options to use your male weed, we hope you think twice before cursing and throwing your male cannabis away. There are tons of uses you can give it!

But clever uses aside, male cannabis plants are vital to maintaining biodiversity. Hemp plants are indispensable for producing healthy seeds that will become healthy plants. They protect strains’ diversity allowing us to enjoy a wide variety of species. They are the corner stone the development and survival of cannabis species.

Do you have any other ideas/experiences on ways to give a new use of male cannabis? Drop them in the comments box!