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When is the best time to smoke?

It’s 4:20 somewhere in the world right now (and as a matter of fact, right here, where I am, it is), and you know what that means! Lighting up a blunt for an extra boost to keep going.

Wait, you don’t know what 420 means?

Then welcome to this post where we will uncover some time-related facts on cannabis.

More and more people discover the benefits of marijuana and start adding it to their daily routine. And with the regular use of cannabis, a question may arise:

When is the best time to smoke? When can I make the best of each puff?

As always, we’re here to help! today you’ll discover when is the perfect time for you to light up that joint to feel stoned, groovy, and strategical.

So, what is “420”, anyways?

So, it’s only fair that we start by uncovering what’s behind the well-known “420” code. Right?

You probably won’t like this, but there are mixed statements about this.

Some sources say 420 is the time 5 friends agreed to meet. They would go to find an abandoned cannabis crop and get to smoke limitless, free pot. They -of course- never found it.

Another theory states 420 was the police code for “marijuana smoking” back in the 70s. Some wise kids heard it and started using it as their own code to get together to smoke (“Let’s 420, dude!”)

Other stories state it is a California penal code, Grateful Dead’s hotel number, or even Bob Dylan’s song Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35.

But probably, we should focus more on what 420 means now than what it meant before. Today, 420 is the universal code for cannabis. It’s kinda cool to think that at 4:20 am or pm, millions of people like us are lighting it up, looking up to the sky, and almost feeling the smoke joining all of us stoners in one big soul, bigger than borders and nations.

420 today is the code that can make us feel like we know someone, even if it’s the first time we interact.

And also, 420 has become cannabis day.

On April 20th, at 4:20 pm and/or am, anywhere in the world, every cannabis user manifests their support for weed. It’s the moment everyone expresses their supportive opinion on what cannabis can mean to improve society and bring people to a new state of consciousness.

In places where cannabis use is legal, public manifestations and support rallies take place to raise awareness of the many benefits cannabis has in the medical and recreational fields. On this day, people also advocate for cannabis legalization in the rest of the nation.

Today 420 is a resistance and activism symbol.

Is there a best time to smoke cannabis?

Just as the answer to the question “should hot dogs have mustard?”, the answer is quite relative.

The truth to the matter is that there is a better time to smoke pot. It just isn’t the same for everybody.

The best time for you to get stoned will depend on many factors. Things like the effect you want to feel, the kind of job you have, your Jane strain, and many others will define the answer for you.

Let’s say you’re in the creativity business. You’re a writer who works from home. You’re constantly searching for inspiration, ideas, and creative sources.

Your best smoking timeframe will be completely different from a person that, let’s say, works in a bank as a cashier.

The best time to smoke is a personal choice. I recommend basing it on how you feel afterward, and if you can carry on with your daily tasks.

Some cool timeframes to smoke

Still wondering about the best time to smoke? I’m afraid there is no correct or incorrect answer. Depending on your personal life, tastes, job, family situation… things can change a lot from one person to another.

But, there are times when you smoke, and you get certain results that you may -or may not- like.

Let me show you some time frames to smoke and what to expect so you can choose.

Good morning Jane

For some, the best joint of the day.

Nothing says good morning like taking a zit (or the whole blunt) of your green friend and starting the day with a huge smile on your face. And I mean it.

Those of us smoking for a long time have developed tolerance. The first joint of the day (after hours of sleeping) can be the stronger dose we’ll have all day.

The first joint of the day has a very calming and soothing effect, but at the same time, it energizes you and makes you feel ready to tackle the day. Office workers, store clerks, and other customer support positions can use this smoking time to charge their batteries and put a good face on the day.

The middle-day stick

When you’re in the middle of a busy day, and you start getting all cranky because the damn computer isn’t loading, and you have a ton of corrections to make.

Or when you’re home house-working and feeling already tired, even though you still have a zillion things to do (like picking up the kids from school and taking them to swimming lessons).

Or when you just want to really enhance the taste of your lunch.

Smoking right in the middle of your busy day can really make it shine.

Cannabis effects could include enhancing and uplifting creativity. So, whether you need to keep it up for the rest of the day, come up with a new report for your boss, or just find something fun to do, rely on your natural friend to propel your creative brain.

TGI past 5:00 PM

Back in the day, when I worked in an office, this was my favorite joint.

After a whole 9-hour shift solving problems, hearing complaints, answering phones, signing up papers, and following on processes, all in a fast-paced environment, that little chunk of happiness was sometimes the best part of my Monday to Friday routine.

When you go through a whole work day, and you get to light up that baby and let it get through you…all annoyance goes away, and you finally leave all your work thoughts right where they belong: your workstation.

Everybody says: leave your work problems at work. Cannabis will help you to do just that. You’ll enjoy your time a lot more, whether you’re accompanied or alone.

The appetite opener


If you like to really taste your food, or if you have inappetence problems, rely on cannabis to turn all your meals into a great experience.

Studies show cannabis can stimulate appetite, especially for people who suffer from conditions that keep them from eating well, such as cancer or eating disorders.

Cannabis can also enhance the flavors of your favorite foods -or even the ones you don’t like so much- so you will enjoy a delicious-tasting feast on every single bite.

Yes, even of that egg sandwich.

You can smoke before eating to open your appetite and set up your taste buds. Smoke during food as a palate cleanser. Smoke after eating for better digestion.

The nighty-night joint

Time to wrap up the day, and for many, this is the most perfect moment to blaze up. Ever.

There’s something special about the last joint of the day, and no one seems to know what that is, but after finishing up that boogie you just feel that life is beautiful.

You get to live and face life another day. And sweet Mary is like a soft caress that helps you take a good and deserved rest.

Smoking before bed can do wonders for you. Some researchers have found that cannabis can help people who suffer from insomnia, apnea, and other sleep disorders, including nightmares.

Cannabis relaxes you, helps you ditch the stress, anxiety, worries, and pain accumulated during the day, and makes you sleep like a stoned little baby.

To me, this is one of my favourite times to smoke. After a long, busy day doing things, it’s nice to just sit back, light up my pipe, close my eyes and breathe deeply. Then I get to the sofa, watch my favourite show, and hop to bed. It’s my night ritual, hands down.

Party partner

Want to enjoy a party without getting too dizzy? Get high before you go! Cannabis is well known for its power to make you get in a party mood all night long.

Lose your inhibitions, chat with everyone, feel happy, and reduce your alcohol intake just by lighting up a bone before you go.

Or as soon as you arrive.

You will probably meet other stoners who prefer smoking better than drinking too much and getting drowsy.

You can also forget about trying to recognize whether you’re hungry or about to puke the next day. Cannabis helps you avoid hangovers and all their horrible effects.

Creativity booster

There are probably more stoners in the professional field than ever before (find an article on this). Many of them are not only weed users for recreational purposes. They use pot as a tool to inspire creativity.

Smoking cannabis could stimulate the creative side of your brain, making you think creatively, with fewer pre-judgments on situations or ideas.

Although creative workers can greatly benefit from smoking weed, all professionals can find a positive effect in getting baked.

Pre-workout buddy

Want to really feel how it burns? For those of us wanting to push it on every training, cannabis can helps us feel each stretch more intensively.

And there’s just something damn good about that pain!

When you smoke cannabis before your yoga, spinning, pilates, or weight lifting session, you enjoy your routine more. You arrive ready to rumble and give the best of you on each asana or lift.

And after you finish you can always light another one to turn the heat down, am I right?

Hobby enhancer

There is something really special about smoking pot before doing something to just hang out.

Maybe you like fishing, playing cards, watching movies, or gardening. There are millions of possible hobbies out there, and there’s a big chance that smoking cannabis before starting would make any of them better.

Smoking can help you focus on what you’re doing. You’ll be more patient trying to catch that fish, or you will find your senses and you’ll be sharper to notice when your friends bluff in poker.

Have you heard the expression “stay in the moment”? Is very trendy these days, and it means paying close attention to what you’re doing, instead of getting distracted by things around.

And this is exactly what cannabis does. Helps you stay in the moment to leave distractions away so you can focus your energy on what you’re doing.

Try doing something you like just for the sake of it while being stoned. You’ll love it.

Extra bath time relaxation

Imagine getting back from home. You’ve been away for around 12 hours. You went to work, to the gym, and then commuted back home on 3 different transportations. You’re wiped out.

You get into the shower or bathtub to wash the day away. And all of a sudden everything feels better.

The relaxing effect of a hot shower after a long day full is almost miraculous.

Now just imagine adding a joint to the picture. Perfection!

The soothing effect of a relaxing shower grows if you add a blunt to the picture. After you finish, you will feel fresh, glowy, and ready to rest so you can tackle a new day tomorrow.

And don’t underestimate the effect cannabis-infused steam will have on your mood.

You’ll be cool.

So, we have showcased some very interesting time frames for you to smoke. You know how you will feel, and how you can make the best of each time. But, what if all this wisdom hasn’t helped you find the answers you need?

You don’t seem to know what the best time is for you. They’re all so appropriate to smoke!

Well, that’s ok my friend, because you’re probably just a part of a selected group of individuals who just like to smoke all the time!

You, like many others, know how to appreciate how cannabis can enhance any time of the day. You can feel the nuances in the different strains, and detect the differences from one flower to another. You know pot has different effects depending on the time of the day, what you’re doing, who you’re with, or even the weather.

You, my friend, are a “cannabis taster”.

For many people, cannabis is a basic part of their lifestyle, just as the sugar they put on their coffee or the sandwich they have at lunch. It’s been a while since science demonstrated that cannabis is a safe drug (add a study here), so it’s not a surprise many of us can easily smoke all day long.

Regardless of the time, there’s only one sure thing: you won’t regret it!